Rice protein and hair health: Everything you need to know

Here at GG it’s our mission to bring you the latest Intelligent Haircare Technology to nurture your hair and scalp to optimum health. From primers to serums, our products are expertly formulated with a selection of the industry’s hottest ingredients, including Rice Protein – which is having a moment. It’s trending in the beauty world right now, but here’s what you need to know about the hair growth trend everyone is googling…

Searches are currently up 300% in 2020, sparking questions like does it actually grow your hair? With endless YouTube tutorials showcasing how to make DIY versions with impressive before and after results. If you didn’t know, rice protein has been around for hundreds of years in China and Japan being used as a traditional treatment – thanks to its many benefits. The secret to Yao women’s beautiful long, shiny hair was washing strands daily with a treatment called Yu-Su-Ru (a combination of rice, water and ginger). Highlighting in this modern-day, with regular use you can expect, shinier, stronger and smoother hair.

With this in mind, GG has expertly formulated hair products infused with rice proteins, with the results speaking for themselves…

What is rice protein?  

Rice protein is one of our key Intelligent Haircare ingredients because it contains many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids (these are the building blocks of protein).

What are the benefits of rice protein in haircare?  

It’s a natural alternative to traditional volumizing agents, which helps improve hair manageability, shine and volume. It’s also an effective treatment thanks to its strengthening, detangling, shine-enhancing and smoothing properties. It is also credited for moisturising and improving general condition. Overall an ultimate hair hero!

Naturally Curly writer Verna explains: “Rice water is more than just a protein treatment. It’s a strengthening agent. It repairs damaged hair and improves elasticity. I love that it’s convenient and very affordable.

“No need to buy extra protein treatments unless my hair is in really bad shape. But this is a simple and great way to keep hair healthy, strong and maintained, as well as very beneficial to the scalp.”

Can rice protein help my hair grow?

Although it hasn’t been proven rice protein confirms hair growth, haircare’s hottest ingredient does promote overall hair and scalp health, creating the perfect environment for strands to flourish.

What to look out for… 

5 Rice Protein Treatments for healthier hair

  1. Intense Duo

Perfect for: Thin hair

Wake up your hair right from the roots with our Intense Thickening Duo to help strands feel denser, fuller, and silky soft.

  1. Volume Duo

Perfect for flat hair.

Need some extra volume? Our Volume Duo helps give bouncy, full-bodied and healthy looking strands thanks to its blend of plumping rice protein and reviving pea peptides.

  1. Volume Root Stimulating Primer

Perfect for: Fine and flat hair

If you’re looking for body right from the roots make our Volume Root Stimulating Primer your go-to. Use the nozzle and apply directly to your scalp, massage in and leave for 10 minutes for best results. Rinse off and follow with shampoo and conditioner.

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Looking for bouncy, full-bodied and healthy looking hair? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️ Discover the skincare steps you can use to transform your hair routine using Volume. 1⃣ STEP 1: PREP Apply Volume Root Primer directly to scalp on wet or dry hair, leave for 10 minutes and rinse for fuller, full-bodied bounce. 2⃣ STEP 2: CLEANSE Gently cleanse hair and scalp with our Bodifying Shampoo to plump strands and add shine. 3⃣ STEP 3: MOISTURISE Smooth our Bodifying Conditioner through mid-lengths of hair to gently condition and boost hair without weighing it down. 4⃣ STEP 4: ENHANCE Apply Bodifying Leave-In Serum to entire lengths of towel-dried hair for fuller-looking strands.

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  1. Volume Bodifying Leave-In Serum

Perfect for: fine and normal hair types

Flat hair can easily be teased into shape with this air-light serum. Here’s what you guys have been saying about our Volume Bodifying Leave-In Serum: “Amazing from first use! I used this in conjunction with the conditioner and serum and oh my gosh my hair looks amazing and is so full and lovely.” Emma

  1. Balance Shine-Enhancing Overnight Mask

Perfect for: All hair types

It’s the ultimate pamper night must-have. For best results apply a generous amount of our Balance Shine-Enhancing Overnight Mask to dry hair and leave overnight for soft, glossy and frizz-free strands.

How often should you use rice protein?

For our treatments, once or twice a week. For fine, flat hair try incorporating our recommended duos into your routine more permanently for best results!


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