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Everything about our Hair Growth Serum

If you’re a Grow Gorgeous devotee, you will have already heard about our bestselling hair growth heroes. We want to fulfil your hair desires to help you achieve your best hair yet. All our products are carefully developed and formulated for each and every hair type, tailored to give your strands the care they need. […]

5 days agoBy Lola Villamy
Grow Gorgeous Blog

Grow Gorgeous’s best combos

When it comes to haircare, you don’t have to stick to one range for your routine. Ranges can be mixed so every product is fully suitable for your hair type and personalised depending on your needs. If you don’t want to take time looking for the best combo for your hair, we’re here to help […]

13 days agoBy Lola Villamy
Curly haired girl wearing COVID-19 pandemic mask
The Hair Lab


Everyday stress affects us all. It’s a natural and sometimes unavoidable part of life, prompted by work worries, relationship woes and other personal issues. But what happens when a global pandemic takes stress levels to the extreme – and what might this mean for your hair? It’s natural that such unprecedented times may cause feelings […]

The Hair Lab

Caffeine and Hair Growth | is caffeine good for hair?

Isn’t it wonderful when you discover that your daily habits are actually good for you? A perfect example of this? Coffee! Well, caffeine to be precise. That morning cup of coffee is something many of us depend upon to function normally and some days definitely require a double-shot of espresso to help us face the […]

4 years agoBy Kate Ellis

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