Frequently Asked Questions

All the new Grow Gorgeous formulations are suitable for vegans and contain no animal derivatives.
All GG products are gluten free.

At Grow Gorgeous we do not test our products on animals. We are a cruelty free brand.

ALL Cosmetic products sold in Europe are not tested on animals. This is true whether or not the product makes an ‘animal friendly’ claim.

The ban on animal testing of cosmetic products in the EU came into effect in September 2004. It has been illegal to test cosmetic product on animals in Europe since that time. In the UK, testing of cosmetic products was banned in 1997.

There are no ingredients derived from bees in Grow Gorgeous products
The majority of our product range will work effectively on your hair, regardless of your gender.

Most of our Grow Gorgeous products are fragranced with our signature scent. It’s a long lasting fragrance with citrus top notes of orange blossom and a hint of green fruit and vanilla, leading to intense woody, amber and sandalwood notes, layered with delicate florals, warm spice and musk.

Our Volume Root Stimulating Primer is a fresh scent with rosemary, peppermint, spearmint, floral citrus and green herbal notes.

All cosmetic products are assessed for safety before they are allowed on the market. That assessment is by qualified experts who understand cosmetics may be used by women who are pregnant, or who might not be aware they are pregnant at the time. Unless cosmetics are not safe for use in pregnancy, they would not be placed on the market.

If you have any concerns about products that you are using during pregnancy, we recommend that you consult a medical professional.

Do not apply to eyelashes or eyebrows.
Our products can be used on coloured hair and have been specifically formulated with enhanced shine in mind.
We haven’t done any testing to confirm if this product would be suitable for use during chemotherapy and other medical treatments. Treatment, such as chemotherapy can affect the skin’s sensitivity and can have lots of other side effects too, so we advise to speak with your Doctor/Physician before you use Grow Gorgeous products.
We understand the importance of sourcing our ingredients safely and ethically. That is why we work with a number of well-respected raw material suppliers to ensure our ingredients are sourced respecting the surrounding environment.
Grow Gorgeous products have a shelf-life of 30 months unopened. The Period After Opening Symbol (PAO) displayed on packaging identifies the useful lifetime of the product after it has been opened. The PAO is always accompanied by the lifespan of the product in months (number of months followed by “M”) – which can appear either on or next to the open jar symbol

If you simply want thicker, fuller hair you should choose the regular serum. If want an extra boost, choose the serum intense.

Hair Growth Serum: For those whose hair is already pretty fabulous but could do with a boost to thickness and overall health.

Hair Growth Serum Intense:If you’re struggling with hair that looks thin and flat, our Hair Growth Serum Intense has been expertly formulated to combat these concerns.

Our products are designed to complement each other. A serum and a primer make a perfect partnership. The Hair Growth Serum is meant for
everyday use and works over time, whilst the Volume Root Stimulating Primer offers a quick 10 minutes of scalp stimulation, which you would probably use once or twice a week.
Use growth serum daily, morning (it’s non greasy!) or night. Apply 20 drops across the scalp & massage into the roots. Work the excess through the lengths of your hair. The serum can be used on dry or towel-dried hair.

Unlike our Cleansing Conditioners, many traditional products can strip your hair of its natural oils. Our Curl Defining Cleansing Conditioner combines low foam cleansing with deep conditioning, in just 1 step, so just to be clear, you do not need to use Shampoo with your Cleansing Conditioner.

This no-shampoo method is a gentle all-in-one formula containing little surfactants to leave your hair feeling clean, intensely moisturised and conditioned in one step.

We ship customer orders to China for our customers who order through, or but we have no direct/official retailers in China.
If your Hair Serum freezes, simply let it warm up and then use as normal. The efficacy, viscosity and texture will not have been affected.
Due to natural ingredients in this product, slight colour variations may occur. This does not affect the texture or the efficacy of the product.
Due to natural ingredients in this product, slight odour variations may occur which might slightly impact the Grow Gorgeous signature smell.