1. Are Grow Gorgeous products vegan?

Our four different cleansing conditioners contain small amounts of an animal-derived ingredient. We are currently in the process of looking for a non-animal alternative so we can improve this formulation to be suitable for vegans in the future.

There is also milk protein from animal source present in Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Shampoo Intense and Hyaluronic Density Conditioner

All other Grow Gorgeous products in the range are vegan and do not contain any ingredients derived from animals.

2. Is the Grow Gorgeous range gluten free?

Yes, the range is gluten free.

3. Are Grow Gorgeous products tested on animals?

At Grow Gorgeous we do not test our products on animals.

4. Do Grow Gorgeous products contain ingredients derived from bees?

There are no ingredients derived from bees in Grow Gorgeous products.

5. Can men use Grow Gorgeous?

The majority of our product range will work effectively on your hair, regardless of your gender. For example, our Cleansing Conditioners, Masques, Hair Density Shampoo, Hyaluronic Conditioner and End Split Ends Serum are great for both genders.

In terms of Hair Growth Serum and the Hair Growth Serum Intense, the growth of hair is different for men than women. So whilst the serums will assist men in growing thicker hair, it is unlikely to cause more hairs to grow so will not stop male pattern baldness.  

6. What is the fragrance used in Grow Gorgeous? How do the products smell?

Most of our Grow Gorgeous products have an exclusive long lasting fragrance with citrus top notes of orange blossom and a hint of green fruit leading to an intense woody, amber and sandal, layered with a delicate floral, warm spice and musk.

The overnight to gorgeous hair mask has our special lullaby aroma of mountain woods to help you sleep better.

7. Are Grow Gorgeous products safe to use when pregnant or breastfeeding?

As part of the new product development process all Grow Gorgeous products go through a risk assessment process to ensure products are safe for their intended use. Whilst there should be no reason why our formulations are not suitable for use during pregnancy, changes in your body including hormone levels can sometimes impact your sensitivity to substances that 99.9% of the times are perfectly OK. If you are at all unsure about any cosmetic and its use during pregnancy we recommend consulting with your doctor or physician.

8. My Cleansing Conditioner doesn’t seem to be full, why?

During the manufacturing process you can rest assured that the fill level is 190ml of product. We have a quality team to ensure you are never under sold and receive the correct amount of product. Some space is required after filling to ensure the product isn’t damaged on its journey to you and to prevent any product from bursting out under pressure.

9. Can I use it on my eyebrows and eyelashes?

We do not recommend using the serum on eyelashes or eyebrows. We only advise using our Hair Growth Serum and Hair Growth Serum Intense as directed on the packaging, to your scalp.

10. Can I use the range on coloured hair? Will it affect my hair colour?

You can use our products on coloured hair. In fact, our Cleansing Conditioner Colour Protect will nurture your coloured hair and assists in the prevention of colour fading. The Cleansing Conditioner Brunette Prismatic and Cleansing Conditioner Blonde Prismatic are infused with metal-derived prisms to enhance your hair’s reflective properties to give your hair more shine and optimise your colour, whether natural or dyed.

11. Is the Hair Growth Serum suitable for use whilst receiving chemotherapy or other medical treatment?

We haven’t done any testing to confirm if this product would be suitable for use during chemotherapy and other medical treatments. Treatment, such as chemotherapy can affect the skin’s sensitivity and can have lots of other side effects too, so we advise to speak with your Doctor/Physician before you use Grow Gorgeous products.

12. Are the oils in Grow Gorgeous sustainably sourced?

We understand the important of sourcing our ingredients safely and ethically. That is why we work with a number of well-respected responsible organisations to ensure our ingredients are sourced respecting the environment and the quality of life of the people involved. We would be happy provide more detail regarding our resourcing activities. If you require more information please contact our customer service department through your online account.

13. Do Grow Gorgeous products expire?

Grow Gorgeous products have a shelf-life of 30 months unopened. The Period After Opening Symbol (PAO) displayed on packaging identifies the useful lifetime of the product after it has been opened. The PAO is always accompanied by the lifespan of the product in months (number of months followed by “M”) – which can appear either on or next to the open jar symbol. 

14. What is the difference between the Hair Growth Serum and the Hair Growth Serum Intense?

If you simply want thicker, fuller hair you should choose the regular serum. If you feel you have more of an issue with thinning hair and
hair loss, the intense serum will help new visible regrowth.

15. Should I use the Hair Growth Serum or Back into the roots Masque, can I use both or should I use one or the other?

Our products are designed to complement each other. A serum and a Masque make a perfect partnership. The Hair Growth Serum is meant for everyday use and promotes hair growth over time, whilst the Back into the Roots Masques offers a quick 10 minutes of scalp stimulation, which you would probably use once or twice a week.

That said, we wouldn’t necessarily recommend using two Cleansing Conditioners together, or both of the Hair Growth Serums together.

16. When should I apply my Hair Growth Serum?

Use growth serum daily, morning (it’s non greasy!) or night. Apply 20 drops across the scalp & massage into the roots.

17. What is a cleansing conditioner & why should we use it instead of a traditional shampoo & conditioner duo?

Unlike our Cleansing Conditioners, many traditional products can strip your hair of natural oils. Our Cleansing Conditioners combine foamless cleansing with deep conditioning to revitalise hair & rebalance your scalp in just 1 step, so just to be clear, you do not need to use Shampoo with you Cleansing Conditioner.

18. Are Grow Gorgeous products sold in China?

We ship customer orders to China for our customers who order through, or but we have no direct/official retailers in China.

19. If the Hair Growth Serums freeze are they still useable?

If your Hair Serum freezes, simply let it warm up and then use as normal. The efficacy, viscosity and texture will not have been affected.