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The right way to apply your routine

As a haircare addict, you might have a lot of products in your routine. You probably wonder what is the best order to use all of your products and what is the main objective of each step. No worries, we’re here to help you out.

Cleanse with a shampoo

As in skincare, the very first step of your haircare routine must be cleaning it, to have a fresh and clean start. According to your hair type and concern, choose a gentle shampoo to cleanse, remove impurities, refresh your scalp and have a satisfying clean feeling. If you’re looking for a neutral day-to day shampoo, try the pH-Balanced Shampoo. Its caffeine and allantoin rich formula will gently cleanse without stripping strands, leaving your hair visibly shiny from the very first use.

If you need a purified scalp, you can also start your routine with our Scalp Detox Scrub, to remove impurities and exfoliate your scalp. Make sure to wash your hair afterwards and that you only do this step once a week as exfoliation can be harmful if it is done too often.

Bring moisture with a conditioner

Conditioners are essentials to complete benefits brought by the shampoo. It enhances shine, helps to lock in moisture a bring a lovely soft touch. They usually are to be applied on the lengths only, but most of ours can be applied on scalp too for a deeper treatment. Indeed, they can also help reinforce the scalp’s natural barrier and soothe sensitivities.

Our Repair Rescue Conditioner for example, has been formulated to nourish and reinforce damaged hair fibre and boost hair’s strength, elasticity and softness.

Once or twice a week, nourish with a mask

For the most intense treatment and a pamper moment, use a hair mask once or twice a week. To be left on at least 10 minutes, it will deeply penetrate hair fibre to bring nourishment and care. Adding a hair mask to your routine will fully transform your hair, achieving the healthiest and softest result. The Intense Thickening Mask for example visibly increases hair thickness while softly nourishing the scalp.

What if you have no time for a 10 minutes mask?

Doing a hair mask takes some time that we don’t always have. If you still want a deep nourishment but don’t have the time to leave on a product for a few minutes, we got you.

To make moisture get into the hair fibre even deeper, we created the Balance Shine-Enhancing Overnight Mask, to leave on as you sleep. Enriched in Hyaluronic Acid, it helps smooth and moisturise hair for a silky soft finish. The night before your shampoo, apply it on your scalp and lengths and let it work all night long. In the morning, you just have to rinse your hair and use your usual shampoo, without taking more time than usual. Not a fan of overnight treatments? In that case, you can also apply it in the morning, make a cute sleek bun with it and rinse it during your night routine. The benefits will be the same!

Finish with a leave-in

To add the little extra to your routine, finish with a leave-in. It can have several and different benefits, always leaving hair perfectly soft and giving you the feeling that you just got out of the hairdresser. They also help you lock in the results brought by the routine you just applied.

We created leave-ins for each hair type. You have flat and thin hair and are looking for thickness and volume? Try out our Intense Thickening Spray, making you feel that full hair feeling instantly. You’re tired of split ends are want a miracle solution? Apply our Balance Fibre-Sealing Split Ends Treatment on wet hair after every shampoo. Your broken strands will be smoothed and rebuilt and your hair visibly shiny.

What about daily treatments?

Regarding daily treatments, such as the Hair Growth Serum or any Boosters of our collection, we recommend applying them before bed time. Even if they are not oils and they don’t make hair greasy, we can still feel a bit of an oily sensation during the first minutes. Furthermore, applying these products as the first step of your routine will have less effect knowing shampoo and water will come and rinse it all.

Now, time to build your own routine!

Now that you know the right order of a haircare routine, identify your needs related to your hair type. If you need help finding out what’s best for your hair, this article will guide you: What’s best for your hair according to your hair type – Grow Gorgeous.

Then, create your very own routine for the most gorgeous mane you’ve ever had!

Lola Villamy

Lola Villamy

Writer and expert