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What’s best for your hair according to your hair type

What’s best for your hair according to your hair type
Lola Villamy
Writer and expert6 months ago
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Every hair has its specificities. You may have heard amazing things about a specific product or routine, but know that these great results might not apply to your hair type. For example, applying too much nourishing products on hair with an oily tendency can make them feeling even more greasy. Same thing on the opposite, trying to purify your scalp too much whereas your hair needs moisture can make it dry and brittle. Learn which routine will transform your hair and give you the most beautiful mane!


For dry and dull hair

If your hair feels dry and dull, you need to choose products providing an intense dose of moisture. In that case, the Balance range is suited for you. The Balance Shine-Enhancing Overnight Mask acts in deep to help reinforce the scalp's natural protective barrier, helping to lock in moisture. When you'll wake up and rinse, your hair will be incredibly soft and shiny. The Balance Duo will help you maintain your hair health and bring a glossy finish daily ✨

If your hair feels dry anytime in the day, maybe because you used too much dry shampoo or because the weather is cold, you should definitely try the Repair Nourishing Leave-In Cream. This treatment immediately delivers moisture, smoothness and shine while making hair feeling stronger after just 1 use.

For hair with a grease tendency

Sometimes, your scalp needs to be purified to avoid hair feeling a bit oily. Greasy hair doesn't always mean that your hair is dirty, it's simply means that it needs to be healthier and detoxified. For this specific concern, the Scalp range will help you getting rid of product build-up, excess sebum and impurities. The Scalp Detox Scrub has been formulated to deep clean and exfoliate your scalp as a pre-wash treatment. After rinsing, your strands will be deeply purified and healthier. To wash and condition your hair afterwards, the Balance duo is a really good day-to-day routine to keep your hair healthy and clean.

For damaged hair

Damaged hair can be caused by several factors. Repeating colouring or using too much heating products can brittle your strands and make hair weak. The Repair range has been created to make hair stronger and healthier and repair broken strands. For a daily use, try the Repair Duo, to make sure your hair maintains healthy and keeps getting stronger. For a deeper treatment, apply the Repair Strengthening Mask, which brings an intense nourishment to both hair and scalp while increasing shine, for healthy and strong hair. After wash, on wet or dry hair, apply theRepair Nourishing Leave-In Cream as a final touch. As we said previously, this is the perfect leave-in to moisture hair anytime in the day and bring a lovely shiny finish.

For fine and thinning hair

Fine hair is not a lost cause! The Intense range has been thought to stimulate strands for fuller hair that look at its healthiest. Our bestseller, the Hair Growth Serum, is powered by a unique complex of active ingredients to stimulate growth and make hair visibly thicker in 4 weeks only. For a more daily treatment, use the Intense duo, which deeply cleanses hair and leaves it fuller and healthy looking. To finish, apply the Thickening Spray for noticeably thicker hair in just a spritz. It instantly enhances hair fullness to help achieve a beautiful volumised look.

What if I have multiple concerns?

If your hair is not only dry or fine and you feel like you have more than one hair concern, you can easily mix up our ranges to find your very own haircare routine. For example, if your hair feels greasy at the roots but dry at the lengths, try to use our Scalp Detox Scrub to purify your scalp and follow with our Balance range to have multiple benefits and the most gorgeous hair.

Time to build your own routine!

Now that you know which routine fits best your hair type, take the time needed to take care of your hair. See your haircare routine as the pamper moment of your day, a moment for you and only you. And now, you can trust us, people are going to ask YOU which products you use! ?

Lola Villamy
Writer and expert
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