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Grow Gorgeous’s best combos

Grow Gorgeous’s best combos
Lola Villamy
Writer and expert1 month ago
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When it comes to haircare, you don't have to stick to one range for your routine. Ranges can be mixed so every product is fully suitable for your hair type and personalised depending on your needs. If you don't want to take time looking for the best combo for your hair, we're here to help you out.

Everything for a voluminous look

If your hair is flat and tend to thin, we have two ranges that will be perfect to bring a volume and thickening boost once mixed together.

Start with the Volume Root Stimulating Primer. To be applied on the roots 10 minutes before your shampoo, it will wake up hair follicles and lift roots to create a full-bodied volume. Rinse thoroughly and wash your hair with the Volume Bodifying Shampoo. It will plump your strands while gently cleansing. These two Volume products combined will be the perfect basis for a volumised and thick look.

After rinsing your shampoo, to nourish your scalp while increasing hair thickness, apply the Intense Thickening Mask and leave it on for 10 minutes. Thanks to its caffeine rich formula, it will stimulate roots and bring a beautiful and soft finish to your hair.

As the final touch, for a thick and volumised blow-dry, apply our Intense Thickening Spray on damp hair. In a few spritzes only, the result will be undeniable and your hair visibly fuller and bouncy.

If you want your hair to be visibly thicker for long-term, try out our Intense Hair Growth Serum everyday for a month. Powered by a unique complex of active ingredients, it will work to increase thickness of each strand by up to 13%.

The must-haves for healthy and shiny hair

If you feel like your hair is dull and starts to be damaged, our Repair and Balance range can perfectly combine to bring the most lovely shiny and healthy finish.

The night before you shampoo, apply the Balance Shine-Enhancing Overnight Mask on your scalp and lengths. It will deeply nourish you hair and will give this beautiful shiny result in the morning, also leaving hair frizz-free and soft.

In the morning, wash your hair with the Repair duo. Curated to nourish and strengthen damaged hair, it will gently cleanse and condition to leave hair supple, revitalised and stronger.

Once your hair is towel-dried, apply the Balance Fibre-Sealing Split Ends Treatment on your lengths to seal cuticles and rebuild broken strands. 98% of users agreeing this fixed their split ends!

With of all these products combined, your hair will feel healthier and stronger than ever. During the day or the day after your shampoo, you can also apply the Repair Nourishing Leave-In Cream on your lengths to keep the repairing feeling on your hair, helping to reduce damage and breakage by up to 50%. After use, your hair will be incredibly smooth and soft!

If your hair tends to be greasy...

In need of a hair detox? If you're willing to detoxify and purify your hair because it tends to get oily quickly, here is the perfect combo for you:

Start by exfoliating your scalp to remove impurities and build-up with our Scalp Detox Scrub. It instantly detoxifies and refreshes the scalp.

After rinsing, double wash your hair with the Defence duo, to make sure all the exfoliating particles are gone. This duo will protect your hair from pollution and external aggressors while nourishing and purifying it.

For a moisture boost and refreshed roots, apply our Energising Scalp Tonic on damp or dry hair. It will give a wake-up call to your hair, making it protected with moisture, stronger and conditioned from root to tip.

For a most intense treatment, try our Niacinamide 10% Booster. Its concentrated formula will act in deep for long-term results, restoring volume at the roots and tackling the appearance of an oily scalp.

Soothe your sensitive scalp

If your scalp often feels dry, sensitive and itchy or you find redness or flakes on it, we have everything to help you out. Sensitive scalp can be caused by multiple factors such as stress, external aggressors or pollution. The Sensitive and Defence range combined will soothe your scalp while protecting it from environmental stressors.

First of all, the night before your shampoo, apply the Sensitive Ceramide Rich Hair & Scalp Mask on your scalp to soothe and bring a sensation of comfort when you wake up.

After rinsing the mask, wash your hair with the Defence Anti-Pollution Shampoo to moisturise your hair and gently remove impurities and product build-up.

To make sure your lengths are fully nourished and shiny, use the Sensitive Replenishing Conditioner and leave it on a few minutes.

Finish your soothing and protective routine by applying the Defence Anti-Pollution Leave-In Spray on towel-dried hair. Its lightweight formula protects hair from pollution, UV and heating products while restoring natural shine.

What's your personalised routine?

Even if we shared our best combos, some other exist depending on each hair type and needs. Don't hesitate to share your very own mixed routine and what works best for your hair!

Lola Villamy
Writer and expert
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