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Why use a scalp massager?

Why use a scalp massager?
Lola Villamy
Writer and expert1 month ago
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Have you ever heard of our Scalp Massager? This haircare tool is a must-have in your bathroom. Not only does it bring you a relaxing moment thanks to a scalp massage, but it also has a lot of benefits related to hair growth and scalp health. Learn everything you need to know about it below!

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What's a Scalp Massager?

This scalp massage brush has dynamic, root-stimulating rubber bristles to help maintain a healthy scalp environment and promote optimum hair growth. Easy to handle, it stimulates the scalp to help improve circulation, encouraging flourishing strands. Its soft-touch silicone bristles aid the distribution of shampoos, serums or boosters to achieve the best results. After using it a few times, your scalp will be visibly healthier and your hair more manageable.

In addition of being a great tool to upgrade your haircare routine, our Scalp Massager is also the perfect accessory for a relaxing moment. Under the shower or even on dry hair, it will massage your scalp, giving you a pamper time well deserved after a long day. You won't be able to live without it anymore!

How to use it?

On wet hair: use the hair scrubber alongside your favourite Grow Gorgeous shampoo for a deep clean and a relaxing moment. Apply shampoo to wet hair as usual, hold the scalp massage brush in your palm and stimulate your scalp in small circular motions with light pressure, lathering up gently. Rinse thoroughly and follow with the rest of your routine.

On dry hair: for a relaxing massage therapy experience with haircare benefits, use the scalp massage brush on dry hair in conjunction with the Grow Gorgeous Intense Hair Growth Serum. Apply 20 drops of the serum directly to your scalp and hairline, then use the tool to gently work the product into your roots in small circular motions. It can also help our Boosters to act faster and deeper, by encouraging the formula to penetrate scalp and roots.

The Stimulating Scalp Massager can also be used alone without product for a satisfying scalp massage.

Amazing benefits

Not only does the Scalp Massager provide a nice pamper moment, but it also improves the health and quality of your hair and scalp in a few moves. If your hair is often feeling dry and itchy, it will improve the distribution of natural oils on your scalp and help to eliminate dryness.

It also gently exfoliates to buff away impurities that can scupper hair’s potential, including product build-up, dirt, sebum, dead skin... everything so your hair can be as gorgeous at it deserves to be.

The Scalp Massager also boosts hair’s volume from the roots, for revitalised, manageable and full hair.

Finally, it enhances your shower experience with the invigorating sensation of a relaxing scalp massage, helping to relieve stress, for a complete selfcare routine.

Who needs to use the Scalp Massager?

You might wonder if the Scalp Massager is made for your hair type. Well, actually, it is made for all hair type and everyone looking to upgrade their haircare routine with a cool tool, easy to use and with multiple benefits. But you may recognise yourself in the following descriptions:

  • People with tendency for grease and product build-up will be more than satisfied by this product. It will meet their need for refreshed and detoxed hair.
  • If your looking to make your hair grow, this exfoliator will also be your new go-to. As explained, its root-stimulating rubber bristles promote hair growth for the beautiful mane you dream of.
  • If you're just looking for a nice tool to use for a relaxing moment under the shower, you found it!

To try it is to love it

If you're sceptical about needed this product, you can be sure that once you've tested it, you won't get enough of it. Easy to use and relaxing, this haircare tool will duplicate the benefits of your routine for gorgeous and flourishing strands.

Lola Villamy
Writer and expert
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