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5 Spring Summer 2022 Hair Trends

5 Spring Summer 2022 Hair Trends
Josie Wilkins
Writer and expert2 years ago
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Bright mornings, coat-less outfits and iced coffees- the nation's favourite season has returned! The warmer months are back with a bang and with them have come some new styles to switch us into summer-mode. Our wardrobes have been refreshed with short-sleeves and our makeup bags with tinted moisturisers, and now it's time to look at some spring/summer hair trends to finish off the look.

Whether you love it or hate it, there's no denying that TikTok has provided us with some impressive 2022 hair trends so far and it doesn't stop there. We've done the research and can present to you our list of 5 spring summer hair trends to choose from this season.

Birkin Bangs

birkin bangs

To begin, we have Birkin Bangs. A look that dates back to the 60's, it's no surprise that Birkin Bangs are making a re-appearance across our screens just in time for summer. The inspiration behind the name is of course, British singer and actress Jane Birkin.

As a 60's it-girl living in Paris, you can imagine that Jane Birkin emanated effortless-chic, and this style carried through all the way to her hairstyle. A perfect combination of messy and polished, Birkin Bangs consist of a soft, eyelash skimming fringe that blends into the rest of the hair. No harsh cuts, no boosts of bounce, just a simple, pulled together look that looks naturally elegant.

After asking your hairdresser for a piecey, textured fringe, you'll be happy to hear that on a day to day basis, these bangs are low maintenance. However, to keep the bangs lifted at the root for that tasseled, breezy look, massage a few drops of a Volumising Scalp Booster during your haircare routine to lay the foundation for gorgeous hair.

The Mixie Cut

The edgiest of the 2022 hair trends so far, the Mixie cut screams confidence. It is a cross between the mullet and a pixie, so think of a cropped cut at the front short at the front, long and choppy at the back. Although it has been seen on the likes of Miley Cyrus and Halsey, you won't need for a constant hair team to style this spring summer hair trend. In fact, it should take no more than five minutes out of your morning!

All you need is a Bodifying Leave-In Serum and a small fine-tooth comb to tease the hair into shape for the rest of the day.

Bob with Flipped Out Ends

Like much of the fashion and accessories we're seeing this year, 2022 hair trends are also getting inspiration from the early 2000's. The bob with flipped out ends is a prime example of this.

However, as always, this spring summer hair trend has provided a few updates. For the modern day bob with flipped out ends, the key is keeping the length of the hair as slick and as smooth as possible. This way, a touch more of drama is added when the ends flip out in either direction.

If you don't want to sacrifice your long locks for this look, fear not, you can also achieve it with a high ponytail. Simply slick the hair back into a ponytail perched right at the top of your head and use a curling iron to flip out the last two inches of hair, section by section.

If you have gone for the chop and have immediate regrets (we've all been there), try the Hair Growth Serum Intense to help speed along the process of regrowth.

Layered Lob

Next, we have the layered lob. A lob is not a typo, but a fusion of the words long and bob and is the perfect in-between for those looking for a change without a drastic cut. This spring summer hairstyle usually falls just at the shoulders and can be worn as tousled beach waves, fluffy and voluminous or sleek and straight.

A layered lob is a great way to add some movement to fine, flat strands and to also take away some of that thickness from unruly hair. Plus, the best part is you can tailor it to however way you would like to style it. With bangs, volume, or choppiness- the 2022 hair trend that is, the layered lob, can be completely specific to your preferences.

Bottleneck bangs

bottleneck bangs

Finally, we have bottleneck bangs. What is the difference between bottleneck bangs and birkin bangs, you ask? Well, the bottleneck kind split in the centre, which opens up the face. The name 'bottleneck bangs' comes from the shape that the two sections of bangs fall into. After the split, they thin out toward the ends and get progressively longer towards the edges, resembling a bottle.

With the finished look almost like a fringe that has grown out. this bottleneck style is universally flattering, no matter what your face's shape or hair length. Arguably the easiest fringe to pull off, their styling process is similar to Birkin bangs. With a few drops of scalp booster for that lift at the roots and your usual wash and dry, you're ready to go!

With these chic and easy spring summer hair trends to choose from, there's no reason to deny your hair a refresh this season! For more summer haircare tips, take a look at our tips on how to Protect Against Sun Damaged Hair.

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Writer and expert
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