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The haircare ritual: your new selfcare moment

We usually take time to do our body and skincare, leaving haircare in the background. We are used to spend 20 minutes to do our skincare routine, using many different products, to make sure our skin is at its best. Hair needs this time and care too. This is why we created 8 ranges, making sure each and every one of them reaches a particular hair concern.

A moment for YOU

You deserve to take time for yourself. After a long day of work or during a chill day at home, a selfcare moment is the highlight of a day. You can use your favourite products, try new ones, … take all the time you want to focus on YOUR wellness.

Hair is the crown your never take off. Taking care of it will boost your self confidence and help you feel good in every situation. Isn’t it satisfying, the feeling of having a beautiful mane everyone is craving of? Start building your very own haircare routine to create a new pamper moment in your routine and give your hair the care it deserves.

Easy and quick or with more and longer steps- you decide!

If you’re just starting to build your own haircare routine, know that it doesn’t need to be specifically long with many steps. You can start with a few products, but good and effective ones. To begin, choose the right shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type. These two products are the foundation of a good haircare routine.

The shampoo step sure is the most important one to clean and detoxify your hair and scalp, but it is also a real selfcare moment to take for yourself. For example, when applying your shampoo, massage your scalp with your hands or our Stimulating Scalp Massager. It will enhance the effectiveness of your shampoo and will help to maintain a healthy scalp environment to promote hair growth. Conditioners are also very important to make sure your hair is easy to detangle and perfectly soft and healthy.

Once you found your go-to, if you want to bring a deeper treatment, start looking at leave-ins.

Leave-in products are the final touch of a haircare routine. They bring the little extra to your hairstyle, usually making your hair more manageable while keeping the moisture or nutrition brought by your conditioner or hair mask. After rinsing your conditioner or your mask, apply your favourite leave-in on damp or dry hair, depending on the product, and watch the result appear instantly! If you feel like the results fade away during the day, you can easily apply a bit more along the day for a quick retouch and a fast care.

The Repair Nourishing Leave-In Cream for example, will nourish and repair damaged hair while bringing an incredibly soft and shiny result. A must-have!

The new wellness gift

People are used to gift makeup or skincare for special occasions. These past few years, haircare has become the new wellness gift, a thoughtful present which is always a pleasure to receive. With Valentine’s day coming, haircare might be the new go-to for couple gifts!

At Grow Gorgeous, we have a product for every concern and need, to make sure everyone meets its hair ally. For instance, the Intense range has been created for people with fine and thinning hair, making it thicker and fuller. The Repair range has been formulated to strengthen and repair damaged hair, bringing a beautiful soft finish. If you have curly hair, we also created the Curl range, thought to deeply nourish curls while giving them a nice shape and bounce.

To make sure everyone’s routine is full and perfect, we created innovative products, targeting specific needs and providing visible results from the very first application. For example, The Balance Fibre-Sealing Split Ends treatment smoothes and rebuilds broken strands for soft and split ends free hair. The Intense Thickening Spray is a leave-in mist created to bring thickness and fullness to fine hair in an instant. The results are undeniable!

These are the perfect products to gift your loved ones or yourself, to bring the final touch to any haircare routine. They perfectly complement a skincare and makeup routine, to make sure you feel confident from head to foot.

Lola Villamy

Lola Villamy

Writer and expert