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How to protect your hair from pollution

How to protect your hair from pollution
Lola Villamy
Writer and expert15 days ago
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With heat coming back and summer nearly here, pollution, UV and external aggressors are increasing. These can have real bad effects on your hair appearance and health, that's why it is very important to protect your hair with the good products and techniques. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about our Defence range and good tips for radiant, protected, healthy-looking hair.

What pollution does to your hair

It is common knowledge that pollution has multiple bad effects on your health or on your skin. Well, your hair suffers from pollution just as much.

First of all, this external aggressor makes hair dry and dull, reducing natural shine. As it attacks hair, it saps away moisture, affecting texture and leading to a lack of vitality. The natural oils provided by your hair fade away, leaving behind shine and gloss.

Pollution also makes hair more fragile and less supple, making it more easy to break and be damaged. The fragments in the air can infiltrate each strand, leaving hair brittle and weak. If you're living in an area with constant pollution, these environmental aggressors weaken the hair's structure, making it more susceptible to split ends and breakage, ultimately leading to a damaged and distressed appearance.

How to minimise the effects on your hair

Thankfully, pollution damages can be avoided with the good products and tips.

The Defence range has been formulated to protect against pollution thanks to purifying ingredients. It is formulated with Green Tea Extract to stimulate the scalp, White Willow Bark Extract and Bamboo Exfoliating Particles to gently remove impurities and Tara Tannins and Organic Sunflower Sprout Extract to help protect against the harmful effects of urban pollution.

The results? Shiny, healthier-looking strands, fully protected from external aggressor. Furthermore, it is also a really good range for hair with a build-up of oil or grease. It is the perfect gentle detox for those who live in areas with a large number of environmental stressors.

In addition to this purifying range, you can also add other little techniques to your routine to protect your hair from pollution and remove impurities.

  • To prevent pollution from seeping deep into your scalp, consider styling your hair in an updo. Don't forget to use a silk scrunchy to avoid causing any damages to your hair!
  • In summer or during hot weather, wear a hat to protect your scalp and hair. In addition to shielding your hair, it will also bring something cute to your look 🤭
  • Keep your hair fresh and revitalised by regularly airing your hair, brushing it along the day. By allowing hair to circulate through your strands, you will maintain its manageability and healthy appearance.

How to use the full routine?

To begin, use our Defence Anti-Pollution Shampoo to gently remove impurities and product build-up and to cleanse scalp and lengths. This expertly blended shampoo also helps to stimulate the scalp, restoring shine and encouraging healthy-looking hair. Work a generous amount into wet hair. Lather well, massaging from the scalp through to ends and rinse thoroughly.

Then, apply our Defence Anti-Pollution Conditioner on your lengths to protect hair from damages and deeply nourish strands. Enriched in Allantoin, it will soothe and moisturise hair and scalp. After rinsing the shampoo, smooth through the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. Leave for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly. If you feel the need for a deeper conditioning treatment, massage into your roots, then rinse.

To finish, apply our Defence Anti-Pollution Leave-In Spray. It will shield strands from atmospheric pollution and work as a heat protector for shiny, healthy-looking hair. Towel-dry your hair and spray the mist before blow drying. Comb through and style as usual to protect from heat and add a glossy finish.

Our special tips using Grow Gorgeous

To find shine again while moisturising your hair, try the Balance Shine-Enhancing Overnight Mask. Apply it the night before you do your shampoo to wake up to glossy, healthy-looking hair.

To revitalise and detoxify your scalp, use our Stimulating Scalp Massager with the Defence shampoo. Its root-stimulating rubber bristles will deeply massage your scalp for a pamper moment while helping to maintain a healthy scalp environment.

For a purifying pre-wash treatment, apply the Scalp Detox Scrub on your scalp to exfoliate. It will deep clean your scalp and help you achieve the perfect canvas for gorgeous and flourishing hair. After rinse, wash your hair with the Defence Shampoo making sure your hair is perfectly clean.

Healthy-looking hair is on the way

Now that you know everything on how to protect and shield your hair from the harmful effects of pollution and external aggressors, you're ready for a summer season with shiny, healthy-looking hair! Embrace the sunshine, now your hair is fortified 😎

Lola Villamy
Writer and expert
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