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Discover the best ingredients for hair and their benefits

Discover the best ingredients for hair and their benefits
Hollie Minshull
Writer and expert3 years ago
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We get it – haircare can be confusing. Between endless product options, complex claims and overwhelming jargon, meeting your perfect match isn’t always easy. So, what’s the secret? Arming yourself with knowledge about the best ingredients for hair (and the ones to avoid!), so you can choose formulas clinically proven to get the best out of your crowning glory. That’s where we come in.  

Read on to discover the ingredients you need on your radar and their benefits for different hair types.
best ingredients for hair caffeine vs hyaluronic acid list of benefits of haircare ingredients


Wondering what ingredients make your hair grow longer? Caffeine is the main ingredient you need to look out for if your priority is stimulating your roots, speeding up growth or giving thinning hair a boost. Just as a morning coffee can bring us to life, caffeine has the power to energise follicles, resulting in increased density and growth.  

A woman with short blonde hair, who is wearing a pink crop top drinks an iced coffee containing caffeine.

So, is it as easy as simply drinking more cups of coffee each day? Not quite – but there are simple speedy solutions. When it comes to hair growth, caffeine is best applied topically. When hair products are massaged directly into the scalp blood circulation is improved, making it easier for your roots to absorb essential nutrients and minerals.  

  • Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a testosterone-derived hormone that prevents vitamins, proteins and minerals being properly absorbed by hair follicles 
  • DHT can lead to hair loss 
  • Caffeine combats DHT, causing cells to produce more ATP – a form of energy that encourages growth – helping you achieve a fuller, healthier-looking hair swish

We’ve got your caffeine cravings covered, as this powerhouse ingredient is present in all of ourhaircare ranges excluding the Sensitive collection. If you start with just one caffeine-enriched GG product, make it our Hair Growth Serum IntenseThe small but mighty hero is formulated with highly concentrated dose of caffeine, proven to increase strand thickness by up to 13% in as little as 4 weeks (based on an independent user trial and instrumental testing). 


You may recognise ceramides as a key ingredient in the skincare industry, but did you know they are also thought to have significant benefits for your hair? Ceramides are naturally occurring lipids found in your skin and within the cuticles of your hair. They act as a type of glue, helping to keep cuticles flat and intact and sealing in goodness. If you think of cuticles like bricks, ceramides are the mortar that hold them together. Flattened cuticles improve strength, elasticity and moisture retention, while raised cuticles allow moisture to escape, worsen porosity and increase the likelihood of breakage.   

Ceramides can be depleted by everyday stresses including washing, chemical colouring, heat damage and pollution. Products formulated with ceramides are a great addition to your haircare routine, helping to maintain the health of your strands and safeguarding against future damage. They may help to bind in keratin and hold cuticles closer together, resulting in smoother hair with enhanced shine. 

You'll find thiingredient in our fragrance free and dermatologically testedSensitive Ceramide Rich Hair and Scalp Mask, aovernight treatment that restores harmony with a gentle touch. Together with a cocktail of natural ingredientsolive-derived ceramide targets flakes, reduces the appearance of redness, improves the condition of dryness and soothes with moisture as you sleep, so you can rise and shine to healthier-looking hair accompanied by an instant sensation of comfort. Restore scalp serenity and rediscover hair confidence with the help of this targeted treatment, developed for use once or twice a week. 


Hyaluronic acid is a molecule produced naturally by our own bodies in a bid to maintain moisture, but ageing and environmental aggressors can play havoc with its levels. While you’re probably incorporating it into your skincare routine, did you realise that the transformative benefits of hyaluronic acid don’t stop at your hairline?  

A balanced, nourished scalp lays the foundations for healthy hair growth. When applied topically, hydrating hyaluronic acid promotes an optimum environment for flourishing strands, tackling dryness and flakes. No wonder it’s one of the hottest buzzwords in the haircare industry today. Look out for a considerable concentration of hyaluronic acid – the higher up on the ingredients list it appears, the better.  

You’ll find hyaluronic acid in our VolumeCurlRepairand Balance rangesas well as our bestselling Hair Growth Serums. Looking for a solution to quench thirsty curls? You’ll love our Curl Defining Leave-In Butter


Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is a nutrient that is considered essential for healthy hair growth. Our bodies produce biotin naturally and it’s also present in foods including eggs, salmon and leafy greens, but we can sometimes benefit from an added boost. Biotin supports the production of keratin, a type of protein that makes up the hair fibre. It may also improve the circulation of blood throughout the body, including the scalp. This is thought to boost the health of hair follicles and support the growth of longer, stronger strands. 

Tempted to incorporate biotin into your haircare routine? Reach for our Intenseand Volumeranges, which are both enriched with the essential nutrient. For a more concentrated boost, snap up our dedicated Biotin Hair Nutrients to get the best out of your hair – after all, gorgeous hair starts from within. Our targeted Vitamin B7 supplements lay the foundations for healthy growth and boost your hair’s potential from the inside out. As a pure source formulated to be taken daily, just one supplement a day can help maintain the condition of all hair types, while helping to support energy levels and providing bonus benefits for your complexion!   


You may have noticed niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, listed on your favourite skincare products – but what if we told you it can also work wonders for your scalp?  

Niacinamide is a water-soluble vitamin that helps the body convert carbohydrates into energy, as well as improving blood circulation. The powerhouse ingredient increases blood flow to the scalp, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles. The result? An improved environment for hair growth. 

You’ll find niacinamide in our Intenseand Repairranges. Why not treat your tresses to our richly nourishing Repair Strengthening Hair & Scalp Mask or our densifying Intense Thickening Hair & Scalp Mask.  


Thanks to our Purely Positive Promise, you can be sure that while our nutrient-rich products boast beneficial skincare-inspired ingredients they are also formulated without harsh nasties that can strip hair of natural oils, cause irritation or disrupt growth (parabens, sulphates, silicones, phthalates and mineral oil). 

The best hair ingredients in Grow Gorgeous haircare: caffeine, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, biotin and ceramides.


Hollie Minshull
Writer and expert
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