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5 Key Benefits of Niacinamide | Your New Haircare Hero

Most of us have heard of niacinamide. In fact, in this day and age, you’d be hard-pressed to find a beauty brand that doesn’t feature this skin-saving hero in a cleanser or moisturiser.

While you’d be forgiven for wondering what the notoriously tricky-to-pronounce ingredient has to offer when it comes to your hair, we can confirm it’s a gamechanger that you need on your haircare radar. Read on to discover more about the benefits of niacinamide and why you should be incorporating it into your haircare routine.


So, what is niacinamide? Put simply, it’s a form of Vitamin B-3 – an essential nutrient found naturally in foods such as eggs, green veggies, beans, fish and milk. The body utilises Vitamin B-3 for a number of different functions, and a deficiency can be detrimental to your overall health. Topical niacinamide is clinically proven to offer a whole host of benefits from promoting hydration to improving skin texture. We know, it sounds incredible – but what’s that got to do with your hair?

We’ll let you in on a secret – gorgeous hair starts with good scalp care. As experts in hair health, we can testify that skincare shouldn’t stop at your scalp and that the hallmark of a great haircare routine is caring for your crowning glory from its very foundations – the roots. That’s why our products are expertly formulated with handpicked wonder ingredients that are beneficial to your hair and scalp – including niacinamide.

Still not sure what all the fuss is about? Don’t worry – we’ve pulled together 5 key benefits of niacinamide just for you. This way, the next time you’re indulging in a night of self-care and encounter this powerhouse ingredient you’ll no longer have to wonder ‘what is niacinamide?’…


Niacinamide is clinically proven to boost your circulation. When we said we recommend niacinamide for hair growth, we weren’t joking! It starts at your scalp, stimulating blood flow to bring more oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles and gets your hair in the growing groove.

You could be well on your way to luscious locks just by trying out our Intense Range. Not only does the range include a niacinamide shampoo, conditioner and hair and scalp mask, but it also features our bestselling growth serum. Much like your morning coffee, these caffeine-rich, powerhouse products are packed full of the best ingredients to kick-start your day and to give your roots a boost!


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Put simply, niacinamide gives keratin a helping hand, leading to thicker, shinier hair with improved flexibility. One of the key benefits of niacinamide is its ability to improve not only the texture of your scalp but also the texture of hair by promoting the production of keratin, which is a protein and the key ingredient of your skin, hair, and nails. If your hair is lacking in keratin, it can cause breakage and split-ends, which may even result in your hair thinning at the root. So, what’s the answer?

By incorporating niacinamide into your routine, you’re one step closer to noticeably fuller, thicker hair… and what’s not to love about that? If your strands are craving added nourishment, reach for our Repair Range. If you’re looking for something even more hydrating than a niacinamide shampoo, you’ll love our Repair Strengthening Hair & Scalp Mask. Perfect for tackling troublesome tresses, it tames unruly texture and will put you on the fast track to your hair goals.


Now you know that niacinamide is a hydration hero, but perhaps you’re still wondering how it works? Niacinamide keeps your skin moisturised by helping it grow and maintain a natural barrier. Ceramides are long-chain fatty acids that link with other important molecules to promote cellular function. These fatty acids – or lipids – make up the ceramide barrier, which effectively locks in the moisture! There’s no better way to combat a dry or flaky scalp than by incorporating ingredients that reduce water loss into your hair care. If you suffer from dandruff or another dry skin condition, like eczema, building niacinamide-rich products into your routine could help reduce dryness and irritation of the scalp.



In short, yes! Grease may have been the word in 1978, but it certainly shouldn’t be when it comes it your scalp or hair. Niacinamide can control oil on the scalp and help ward off sebum and dirt. By reducing the production of oil and keeping your roots clear of debris, niacinamide can help to keep your scalp feeling fresher for longer! And here at GG, we know that a happy scalp = healthy hair! If you’re looking for the perfect product to target your roots then our Scalp Boosters are for you. Try our Volumising  Niacinamide 10% Booster + Prebiotic to give roots a volumising boost and keep your scalp healthy.

Niacinamide – a skin saviour – is a multi-functional active ingredient that reduces water loss and improves the skin barrier function. This scalp care hero is effective in reducing sebum production. With this booster your sebum on the scalp is now controlled, resulting in shine-free roots.



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It might come as a surprise, but the environment we live in can have as much of an effect on our hair health as the shampoo and conditioner we wash with. If you live in a busy town or city, the air pollution around you can cause inflammation of the scalp, dryness and even in some cases hair loss. But don’t worry – pollution protection is actually one of the key benefits of niacinamide! By protecting against anti-oxidative stress, niacinamide can ward off not only pollution but also damage from other environmental stressors – like sunlight.

Still worried about the effects of city living on your hair? For added protection against pollution, turn to our detoxifying Defence Detoxifying Scalp Scrub, which purifies the scalp by washing away excess dirt and sebum.



Now you know all the best benefits of niacinamide, are you ready to put your newfound knowledge into practice? Why not incorporate a niacinamide shampoo or conditioner into your routine today by treating yourself to some of the hair-envy-inducing faves?

Don’t feel our Intense or Repair ranges suit your needs? Don’t worry – here at GG, we believe in the power of self-expression! Mix and match our bestselling products for a truly personal routine, or take our Hair Quiz and find your perfect match today. Even if you’re not ready to commit to this hydration hero today, at least you’re able to answer the question ‘what is niacinamide?’.

Lydia Williams-Grant

Lydia Williams-Grant

Writer and expert