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Meet our 7 Hero bestsellers

Meet our 7 Hero bestsellers
Meghann Thorp
Writer and expert4 years ago
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This June, we’re celebrating turning 7! Because 7 days of celebrations isn't enough! This week, keep your eyes peeled for exciting birthday offers on our 7 Hero Products. If you can’t wait to find out what we have in store for you, don't worry, we’ve rounded up our bestselling hero’s, giving you a sneak peek of what discounts you can enjoy! Meet our 7 hero bestsellers and the products the GG team couldn't live without...

Here are our 7 hero bestsellers

 1. Balance Fibre Sealing Split Ends Treatment

Healthy looking, glossy and frizz-free strands is a hair goal for women of all ages, why is why our Balance Fibre Sealing Split Ends Treatment has been shortlisted as one of our hero products.

Simply work into damp hair, paying special attention to ends, to help smooth and rebuild broken strands. This fibre-sealing serum has been expertly formulated with Black Oat and Cuticle-Smoothing Technology to seal cuticles and improve smoothness, gloss, and bounce. Less split ends = less frizz! It also helps repair strands without cutting, perfect while we're waiting for our next appointment at the hairdressers.

95% agree our pH Balance Split Ends Treatment improved the appearance of split ends.*

2. Curl Defining Leave-In Butter

If your hair is textured or curly, make our Curl Defining Leave-In Butter your best friend!

Why do you need this in your curly hair regime? It recently won the category of best Afro Conditioner in Woman & Home’s 2020 Hair Awards. Hairstylist to the stars Jennie Roberts gave her verdict: “Gives Amazing long-lasting curl definition – mine were left looking bouncy all day!” Our Curl Butter has also recently won the Best New Hair Product in the 2020 Pure Beauty Global Awards.

It’s vegan-friendly and formulated with curl technology to define texture, camellia oil to smooth and cocoa butter to deeply nourish.

Here's what some of you have been saying:

This is an amazing product! 

"I never normally post reviews, just an avid user of them! But, I wanted others to know just how great this product is! My hair is quite fine but coily curls so, many products are far too heavy. This cream is light, smells amazing and has transformed my hair. I’m so much more confident in my natural curls because of it. Would (and have!) 100% recommend. ♥️"

3. Volume Bodifying Leave-In Serum

It's not a party without big, bouncy hair! Here's why our Volume Bodifying Leave-In Serum is our 3rd hero product.

It's pea-peptide rich formula works to plump skinny strands and builds gorgeous volume and body without weighing hair down! There's no need to backcomb with this serum that's light as air. Plus, it's also infused with Amaranth Seed Extract which helps to increase the hair diameter.

4. Hair Growth Serum and Hair Growth Serum Intense

Our iconic and original Hair Growth Serums are packed with active ingredients like caffeine and hyaluronic acid that care for the hair and scalp. This unique formula helps nourish and revitalise the scalp as well as promoting healthier, thicker hair. Continued use of this serum will have wondrous effects on the thickness and appearance of your hair. Don’t believe us? 90% of women agreed their hair looks fuller after using the serum for 12 weeks!*

Not only does our Hair Growth Serum Intense give you visible results in as little as 4 weeks*, but it is also proven to increase the cross-sectional area of each hair strand by 13%** and increase the diameter by 6.4%. With this ultra-concentrated serum, you’ll be on your way to fuller, thicker, healthier hair in no time!

*Based on independent user trial and instrumental testing.

**Based on 2 independent user trials.

5: Repair Leave-In Oil

Dry damaged hair? Shop with us on Friday 19th June and enjoy 20% off the entire Repair Range.  Here's why it's our hero:

Hair oils have many benefits, such as taming frizz, giving a glossy shine, and healthier-looking strands. They also fit perfectly into any routine as you can use it as an overnight recovery, before or after blow-drying making it easy to fit into even the busiest routines.

GG’s NEW Repair Hair Oil has been Infused with an expertly-selected blend of six precious oils to nourish and help restore a glossy finish.

Our Repair Hair Oil is expertly formulated with  Cuticle Smoothing Technology to smooth and seal cuticles, reducing any existing damage caused by colouring, UV exposure, pollution and heat – making it the perfect all-rounder.  Plus, it's enriched with a blend of 6 essential oils to help nourish, detangle and add gloss. You can thank your hair later from us!

93% agree hair was left with a sleek finish.*

*based on independent user trial.

6: Intense Thickening Shampoo

You heard it here first! If you love our best-selling Intense Shampoo, you can enjoy 20% off Intense for one day only on Saturday! Here's why it's our hero:

Caffeine-enriched formulas thicken thin strands and boosts overall fullness and hair health, giving hair the TLC it deserves.

This shampoo delivers a gentle yet effective cleanse to thicken thin strands. But what’s so special about it? This super shampoo is also SLES-free! SLES is a foaming agent (it creates all those bubbles!) but can be potentially harsh on your hair and scalp. So at here at Grow Gorgeous, we miss out the foam (SLES) so you don’t miss out on gorgeously healthy hair!

Instead of using potentially harsh ingredients, like SLES, Hair Density shampoo has an ultra-concentrated formula infused with Amino Acids, Biotin, Caffeine and Niacinamide to visibly increase thickness of hair. The shampoo stimulates and supports hair follicles to promote healthy-looking locks. Delivering gentle, yet effective cleansing to prevent damage to hair, the shampoo is ideal for slow-growing and thinning hair in need of a boost!

*Based on an independent user trial.

7: Defence Detoxifying Scalp Scub

Why it's our hero: This pre-wash exfoliating treatment helps to remove grime and product build-up which can block the root and disrupt hair growth. It's the first step in your routine and can be used 1-2 times a week to refresh tired hair.  AHA Enzymes from pomegranate and grapefruit help to remove dead skin cells sitting on the skin to detox the scalp and unblock hair roots, in turn promoting optimum hair growth. It's the secret to radiant looking hair, working to purify the scalp and deeply cleanse.

91% agree their hair and scalp felt deeply cleansed!*

*Based on independent user trial.

Meghann Thorp
Writer and expert
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