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What is the Bowl Method for Curly Hair?

What is the Bowl Method for Curly Hair?
Josie Wilkins
Writer and expert1 year ago
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You may or may not have heard of the term 'bowl method' being thrown around in haircare lately. Primarily, it referred to that mushroom-style, DIY haircut with the aid of a bowl as a sort of cutting guide. You may remember being given this 'do as a child before you were old enough to argue otherwise. The 'bowl method' then progressed to become sported by models and fashion icons but with sleek and edgy iterations. Now, we have the 'bowl method' for curly hair. What is the bowl method for curly hair, you ask? The latest hair-washing trend for curls and coils seems to be one of the more rational and legitimate hacks to come from TikTok. We would even go so far as to say it deserves its viral fame.

Keep reading to learn all about what the bowl method is for curly hair and how to master it.

What is the bowl method for curly hair?

To begin, what is the bowl method? And why is it specifically for curly hair? If you've been blessed with curly strands, you may understand that they need a bit of extra care. Whether you have tight 4C coils or a loose 3A pattern, attaining that luscious, defined bounce takes a few extra steps and even more nourishment. The bowl method for curly hair has entered our world to help achieve exactly that.

All it takes is a bowl, the Grow Gorgeous Curl Defining Leave-in Butter, and an extra ten minutes of your regime. With this low-maintenance hack of repeatedly dunking your hair into a bowl of water after washing, many are swearing that their curls are seamlessly locking in hydration and shine.

The bowl method for curly hair works to:

  1. Reduce frizz
  2. Hydrate curls
  3. Naturally boost volume
  4. Distribute the product from root to tip (particularly helpful for those with thick strands)
  5. Help with curl clumps

Plus, it works well for all curly hair types- even those who are edging towards wavy hair. The bowl method provides your hair with your very own, DIY deep conditioning treatment.

How to do the bowl method for curly hair?

How to do the bowl method for curly hair can be broken down into six steps.

  • Wash and condition your hair with the Curl Duo
  • Gently brush out any tangles afterwards.
  • Fill a bowl with cool water.
  • Dip one side of your hair (for example the left side) into the bowl, lift, and squeeze the product back into the bowl.
  • Repeat this at least twice with one side of the hair.
  • Finally, do the same with the other side of your hair (the right side).

The best part of the bowl method for curly hair is that it can be completely adapted to your personal haircare needs. In the summer, for example, you might feel you need only 2 dips into the bowl. However, in the winter when your hair seems a little on the dull and dry side, you can boost the number of cycles to four in order to lock in as much shine as possible.

How does the bowl method for curly hair work?

Now that we know how to do the bowl method for curly hair, does it actually work?

  1. Dilution: It is said that diluting the curl cream into the bowl is actually the most effective part of this entire process. This is because through dilution, you can ensure that the nourishing cream is evenly distributed throughout your entire head of hair. For girls with thick, tightly-packed curls, dilution is key for curl definition.
  2. Absorption: The bowl method is heaven-sent for those with hair that has low porosity. This means that your strands are packed tightly together, so it's more difficult for products and water to be absorbed. During the process, some of the curl butter will stay put, the excess will rinse off. However, the excess returns to the bowl to mix with the water, and then be reapplied. The water also helps the product absorb into the hair, meaning extra hydration for your curls.
  3. Finally, the hair is smoothest when wet, so applying your curl cream to wet hair helps to create that frizz-free definition and forces water into the hair for extra moisture. This allows the hair shaft to lock in those essential nutrients for shine and bounce.

Having said this, it's important to do this technique with curl-approved, high quality products for that extra dose of nourishment. Grow Gorgeous Curl Defining Leave-in Butter is one you can trust, with Curl Technology for long-lasting curl definition, Wheat Extract and Camellia Oil to help tame frizz, Cocoa Butter to nourish, and other curl-kind ingredients that tame and condition the most defiant of curls.

To conclude, what is the bowl method for curly hair? It's a technique that you'll no doubt be wanting to try for that luscious, silky bounce. We agree, it may be a little time-consuming to do on an every-wash basis. However, when the hair is starting to feel particularly tired and dull, this method combined with a nourishing hair butter could be the exact boost that its craving.

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Writer and expert
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