The benefits of an overnight treatment

Just like you need a good night’s sleep to rest, hair needs overnight treatments to get the most intense care. In the rush of time, we usually don’t take time to leave our hair masks on for too long. But we should! Leaving a mask overnight has many benefits for your hair. Discover why overnight treatments must become a part of your routine to provide the deepest care to your hair.

A deeper care

A good night’s sleep is the key to feel rested and refreshed the next day. Why not taking advantage of this relaxing time of the day to take care of your hair too? We often don’t take more than 10 minutes to leave a hair mask on. Maybe because we don’t want to take too much time under the shower or because we want to use this time to do something else. Well, if time is something you lack of for your haircare, use night time!

Leaving your hair treatments overnight allows the product to deeply heal and penetrate the hair fibre and so increases its benefits. The results? A gorgeous, moisturised, healthy hair in the morning.

Our little tip for even more beautiful results in the morning: wrap your hair into a heated towel to make hair scales open up and let all the product’s benefits in. As well as increasing the benefits of the mask, it will also give you a relaxing pamper moment at night time.

More benefits than you think

As said just before, leaving a mask overnight increases its benefits. To sum up: your hair will be deeply repaired, more manageable and moisturised, for the softest and most shiny result. As overnight treatments are a deep care, doing them once a week is enough to see long terms results.

What's the benefits of an overnight mask

Our overnight treatments

It is for all the reasons above that we created two overnight treatments.

The Sensitive Ceramide Rich Hair & Scalp Mask has been formulated to restore harmony with a gentle touch. Thanks to its carefully selected natural ingredients, it soothes your scalp with moisture as you sleep, reducing the appearance of redness and improving the condition of dryness. The olive-derived ceramide and the fermented agave extract inside the formula leaves the scalp feeling comforted and hydrated, without any itchiness sensations.

The Balance Shine-Enhancing Overnight Mask is a moisturising treatment created to enhance shine, smooth hair cuticles and reveal glossy, shiny, vibrant looking strands. Its oat lipids complex helps reinforce the scalp’s natural protective barrier, helping to lock in moisture. Tung Wood and Rapeseed Oil help to keep frizz under control and fight heat damage. Having a big day tomorrow? Apply this mask the night before for the most gorgeous mane in the morning!

What if I need a nourishing boost right away?

If you feel like your hair can’t wait for the night to be nourished, you can of course bring your daily dose of nourishment with your conditioner or a leave-in.

Our Repair Rescue Conditioner for example will nourish and reinforce damaged hair fibres to boost hair’s strength, elasticity and softness in just one application. Thanks to skincare-inspired ingredients, this moisturiser helps reinforce the scalp’s natural protective barrier, helping to lock in moisture and soothes your hair and scalp.

Your hair is feeling dry during the day? Take our Repair Nourishing Leave-In Cream with you to apply a pump on your lengths during the day.  This transformative cream powered by supercharged is scientifically proven to help reduce damage and breakage by up to 50%, leaving hair feeling stronger after just 1 use while delivering moisture, smoothness and shine.

Ready for a night of care?

Now that you know everything about overnight treatments and their benefits, choose the one matching your hair type and try it on. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts afterwards with us!

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Lola Villamy

Lola Villamy

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