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How to Protect Hair from Sun Damage

Here at GG, we live for the summer time; sun kissed skin, warm evenings spent sipping cocktails and the promise of faraway adventures have us feeling all kinds of excited. Whilst there’s nothing better than this glorious season, the summer sun can be trying for our tresses, so it’s important that we take the time to understand how the sun can impact our hair health and how to protect hair from sun damage!

Is Sunlight Good for Hair?

Like all good things, too much sun can be bad for your health. In moderation catching some rays can benefit the health of our hair and scalp. The Vitamin D emitted can help hair grow healthier-looking, increasing fullness and thickness. However, overexposure can be incredibly detrimental, with UVA and UVB rays damaging the hair cuticle, leading to unwanted effects like colour-fade, split ends, thinning and frizz. This is why it’s super important to take the necessary steps to protect hair from this kind of exposure and to give it the helping hand it needs to naturally repair.

Woman in a yellow swimming costume, she is upset and has sun-damaged hair and skin

How to Protect Your Hair from Sun Damage

Sun damaged hair is a sure fire way to ruin your vacation plans! But the Defence 3-in-1 Leave-In Spray is your all in one go-to for stronger, radiant hair. Expertly designed to protect strands against the damaging effects of not only sunlight but pollution and heat! Apply the spray to towel-dried hair and then style as usual. This miracle worker is also available in a travel-size format, so is the perfect size to add to your wash bag!

Does the Sun Dry Out Your Scalp?

You may think if you have a full head of hair you don’t need to apply sun screen to your hairline and scalp. But you should always protect the skin on your scalp from sun damage as faithfully as you would the rest of your body. Apply a high factor SPF to your hairline and parting, or use a sun protection in the form of a mist or spray to effectively saturate the roots. It may make your scalp appear a little more oily, but it is the best way to avoid damage! However, if you’re unlucky enough to catch the sun and feel as though your scalp is sensitive, dry or flaky as a result then it’s time to invest in some scalp care!

Many sensitive scalps are irritated by changes in the weather, harsh shampoos or scalp build-up.  To provide instant comfort to your sensitive scalp, GG’s CICA Extract 25% Booster + Prebiotic instantly comforts a sensitive scalp with soothing moisture and calms the appearance of redness.

Keep it Cool with a Sun Hat

Protect your hair from sun damage by keeping your head covered, or sitting in the shade, during the hottest hours of the day! Avoiding sun damage to hair requires many of the same practises as protecting our skin from the sun. This includes avoiding over exposure to direct sunlight between the hours of 10am and 4pm when the UV light is strongest. If you have to go out, it’s best to wear a sunhat to keep those strands as protected as possible.

How to Hydrate Hair

Much like our skin, hair needs hydration. Drinking water helps provide the cells in our body with energy, including the cells that are responsible for hair health and growth. Water nurtures these cells and provides them with the vitamins that they need meaning that drinking water in hot, sunny weather will work wonders to help protect again sun damaged hair.

Add Co Washing into Your Routine

Summer weather can make hair seem a little lackluster, as the heat can make our scalps sweat a little more. This means it can be tempting to over wash in an attempt to compensate for the additional build-up, however this will strip hair of vital oils that help to protect and shield it from the sun’s damaging rays. Instead, use Curl Defining Cleansing Conditioner every other time you would usually use a shampoo. This will still cleanse hair as necessary without stripping it or leaving it vulnerable to damaging external factors. Learn how to effectively co-wash with our handy how-to blog!

Try Heatless Hair Curlers or other Styling Methods

It’s no secret that heat styling damages our hair, impairing the keratin sheath that sits around the strands. When our hair is then subsequently exposed to sunlight, the harmful rays can more easily penetrate and cause further damage. Instead of spending hours straightening or curling, fighting a losing battle against the inevitable humidity anyway, instead identify a styling product that will allow you to wear your hair at its most natural and most fabulous. Discover how to achieve heatless curls for holiday on the blog today!

How to Repair Damaged Hair

We’ve all pushed our hair to the breaking point before. Too many treatments, using drying products or sitting out in the sun for hours on end with no protection for our scalp. Grab the Grow Gorgeous Repair Duo to restore your tresses to their former glory. Our unique shampoo and conditioner restore and repair from within, getting inside the problem of hair damage and reinforcing strands instead of just masking the issue. Rich in Cupuassu Butter, Amino Acids and Bamboo Extract to repair, protect and strengthen damaged strands.

Our Repair Range can…

  • Repair, protect and strengthen hair damaged by bleaching and excessive heat styling.
  • Reinforce hair fibres, increasing strength and elasticity so hair is resilient to breakage.
  • Intensely nourish and condition dry, weak strands to leave hair hydrated, smooth and soft.


Lydia Williams-Grant

Lydia Williams-Grant

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