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Why scalp care is as important as skincare?

Why scalp care is as important as skincare?
Lola Villamy
Writer and expert5 months ago
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We often stop our skincare at the hairline. Why so? Maybe because we feel like doing our shampoo twice or three times a week is enough to take care of your hair. Well... that's wrong! Washing your hair and taking care of your scalp are two different things that need to be considered separately. Beautiful hair starts from the scalp, discover how to take deep care of your scalp for the healthiest hair you've ever had.

Why taking care of your scalp is important?

Scalp is the living part of your hair. It is facing daily external aggressions that can cause impurities, itchiness and impact hair growth. Furthermore, not properly taking care of your scalp can leave it greasy because of build-up left by the products you use on your hair.

Taking care of your scalp must be the first step of your haircare routine to make sure your hair is entirely clean and healthy. A purified scalp will have fresh foundations to promote hair growth and will help your hair to be the best version of itself.

Our Scalp range

Because gorgeous hair starts with a healthy scalp, we created a line of products specifically made for your scalp. The Detox Scrub, the Scalp Tonic and our Boosters collection are gentle scalp heroes to provide the best care for healthy-looking hair.

The Scalp Detox Scrub

Just as flawless make-up starts with primed skin, a scalp exfoliator lays the foundation for flourishing strands. This purifying pre-wash treatment instantly detoxifies and refreshes scalps with a tendency for grease and product build-up to balance excess sebum and gently buff away follicle-clogging grime caused by urban pollution. The results? A purified and deeply cleaned scalp, free from itchiness or impurities. Enjoy an invigorating shower experience while giving your scalp the care it deserves thanks to our Scalp Detox Scrub!

The Energising Scalp Tonic

Your roots need as much care as you give your hair. Give them an energising wake-up call with our Scalp Tonic: in a few spritzes, your scalp will be stimulated and your roots refreshed. This innovative leave-in tonic has been scientifically proven to give a thicker feel and appearance and hydrate all hair types. How to use it? Apply first thing in the morning and rise and shine to gorgeous hair, or use on-the-go for an instant energy boost. Your hair will feel strong, nourished and protected with moisture, appearing fuller and conditioned from root to tip. Try our Energising Scalp Tonic for a boost of vitality!

The Boosters collection

To take the deepest care of sensitive scalps, we created a collection of boosters with specific benefits depending your needs. These gentle scalp heroes can be applied to damp or dry hair and layered underneath your usual haircare favourites. Choose the formula best suited to your hair’s unique needs, or combine them to achieve a bespoke solution.

The Volumising Niacinamide 10% Booster:

Powered by moisturising Niacinamide, it hydrates, tackle the appearance of an oily scalp and restore volume at the roots. If your hair is flat and needs balance, try it out!

The Stimulating Vitamine C 10% Booster:

This booster harnesses the reviving power of antioxidant-rich Vitamin C to help combat oxidative stress, stimulate roots and rejuvenate the appearance of your scalp. The best friend of sensitive scalps!

The Soothing Cica Extract 25% Booster:

Scientifically proven to soothe scalps craving a comforting boost, it helps relieving sensitivity, calms the appearance of redness and soothes with moisture for improved resilience. Your scalp often feels itchy? You found your new go-to!

The Purifying Aha 5% Booster:

This clarifying scalp booster transforms scalps health by eliminating excess product build-up, helping to remove dead skin cells and refining the appearance of the scalp. The perfect treatment for scalps that need a purifying boost.

Amazing and long term results

This routine will lay the foundations for healthy, gorgeous hair to help it reach its full potential. All of these products can be used together but also combined with your favourite routine. Furthermore, a healthy scalp means a faster growth. Now that you know everything about scalp care, you don't have any excuses to not take care of your scalp anymore!

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Writer and expert
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