With our Thinning Hair Rescue Kit fuller, thicker, longer looking hair is as easy as 1, 2, 3. RRP £50 (Worth £69).


Is your hair visibly thinning? Restore tresses to their full potential with the Grow Gorgeous Thinning Hair Rescue Kit.

Whether you’re looking for on-the-go essential hair care for lacking locks, or an intro to the GG Intense Range, this concentrated regime for hair and scalp is a saviour for thinning hair.

Take it on holiday, to the gym or prep your tresses for a big night out. Get ready for this to become your routine through thick and thin. Convenient and chic travel clutch included, of course.

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Here at GG we’re pretty intense about our hair care routine. Kickstart the process and put some life back into those locks with our ultra-concentrated Hair Density Shampoo Intense.

It’s infused with Amino Acids, Biotin and B-vitamins which all work in synergy to visibly increase hair density, helping you to achieve gloriously thick and full strands from root to tip.

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Every step of your GG routine helps your hair to get long and strong. The Hair Density Conditioner Intense, works hard to increase hair thickness and restore softness.

Hyaluronic acid is blended with amino acids, Biotin and B-vitamins to give hair a fuller appearance and dramatically improve hair density. Who knew a conditioner could do so much for hair growth?
(Top tip: apply this conditioner to your roots too for maximum results.)

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For those with thinning hair that needs a boost, the Hair Growth Serum Intense will become your new daily essential.

This unique serum contains an innovative blend of active ingredients to promote hair growth, hydrate the scalp and nourish hair at the root, keeping follicles strong and boosting hair density.

To name drop just a few key ingredients it’s formulated with a high concentration of caffeine to really wake up the hair follicles and a glucoside compound to actively increase the density of your hair.

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Cover all bases and ensure your hair feels fresh, thick, healthy and nourished right down to the root with our NEW 3 Steps to Gorgeous regime kit.

If you want to build a routine, or simply wish to try a selection of the GG faves this is the hair set is for you.