Chia Seed Oil, its hair benefits and what GG products contain it.

Coconut Oil for hair

Also known as Cocos Nucifera Oil

What is coconut oil?

Coconut Oil is extracted from the kernel of the well-known fruit – the Coconut! The oil is drawn from this “fleshy” area of the coconut and can be utilised in many ways, including in haircare products.

Coconut Oil benefits

There are many health benefits of using coconut oil. As Coconut Oil is a saturated medium-chain fatty acid, keeping the hair and scalp looking moisturised and healthy.

Coconut Oil for hair

So is coconut oil good for your hair? The simple answer is – yes! Coconut Oil helps to nourish and moisturise strands leaving them silky soft! It conditions the scalp and is able to penetrate inside the hair shaft to nourish and condition strands. It also adds lustre and shine to dry, damaged hair helping it to look and feel healthier.

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