Red Clover: its hair benefits and what GG products contain it.

Also known as Trifolium Pratense Flower Extract

What is Red Clover Flower Extract?

Not just a pretty flower, but a tasty garnish for food, medicinal ingredient and soothing skin and scalp treatment. Red Clover Flower is a plant native to Europe, Western Asia and Africa. The flower heads contain isoflavones and flavonoids which produce many skin and scalp benefits.

Benefits of Red Clover Flower Extract

It is well known for its content of isoflavones which are phytohormones that support anti-aging activities. The sugars and proteins also have moisturising effects and are one of the most popular herbs to obtain healthy, glowing skin.

Red Clover Flower Extract for Hair

The benefits don’t stop at skin, Red Clover Flower Extract makes hair stronger by treating the scalp, reducing dandruff and irritation. It smooths and softens hair, adding volume. But most importantly as part of an ingredient complex, it supports the anchoring of hair fibres into the scalp, supporting the hair growth cycle by maintaining the structure of hair follicles - all of which help to reduce hair fall.

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