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How to Wash Your Hair Properly: For Luscious, Silky Hair

Gone are the days of spontaneously shampooing, using whatever already sits in the shower. Nowadays, the process of washing the hair is one which is scheduled and planned meticulously. In fact, the new normal involves subconsciously basing your week around hair-washing. A morning blow-dry instantly cancels gym plans for the day and Thursday evenings are often blocked out for weekend hair prep. What’s more, from the ingredients in our products to the water-type of our area, we have become hyper-aware that variables exist that make a difference to these hair washes. However, despite the micro-managed regimens, there are still a few questions and concerns when it comes to refreshing our strands and scalp. Is it really that bad to wash your hair every day? Must I stand underneath a freezing cold shower for optimal washing? Here’s all you need to know on how to wash your hair properly, for those luscious, dense locks.

How often should I wash my hair?

The most disputed question regarding how to wash your hair properly is of course, how often you should wash your hair. From the once a week advocates to those who consider it a daily task, both cases are argued very well. However, how often you should really wash your hair depends on your hair type.

  • If you have fine hair you may find that washing every second day suits you best. This is because fine hair usually equals more hairs on the head. Each hair has its own oil gland, meaning the more strands, the more oil that will be produced.
  • If you have medium textured strands, it is said that every two-three days is how often you should wash your hair.
  • With hair that comes with plenty of body or coiled curls, you may find that you can stretch this time a day or two longer. However, even if the hair doesn’t feel greasy, it’s best to give it a wash after day four- for hygiene’s sake.

Can not washing hair cause hair loss?

Everyone parts with a few hairs throughout the day. In fact, we lose about 50-100 daily. However, if a significant amount of shedding is occurring, you may be wondering if not washing hair can cause hair loss.

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Well, our strands will certainly not grow to their full, glossy potential if we skip hair hygiene. This all falls down to the scalp, as a healthy scalp is the first step towards a healthy head of hair. An accumulation of both product and natural oils inevitably builds up in our scalps after some time. This build up blocks the follicles in our scalp, making it more difficult for the hair to grow and when it does, the strands can emerge finer and weaker. This means that not washing the hair can ultimately lead to hair loss.

To cleanse those follicles and promote growth, wipe away any build up and exfoliate dry skin with a Defence Detoxifying Scalp Scrub.

Is it bad to wash your hair every day?

As we spoke about previously, how often you wash your hair depends on the hair type. However, the popular opinion is that it is bad to wash your hair every day as this strips your natural oils from your hair. If your strands get greasy quick, ideally you should wait every second day to wash them.

However, before questioning if it is bad to wash your hair every day, check the ingredients of your products. For example, sulfates are found in a lot of shampoos and can be extremely harsh on the scalp and hair, stripping it of all of its natural oils. The Grow Gorgeous Supersize Intense Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner is full of natural ingredients that are kind to the hair, like biotin to boost and energize roots.

What temperature is best for washing hair?

As you can imagine, we typically want to avoid excessively hot water that will dry out our strands. However, we want our hair follicles to open so the products can work their magic. This means that a warm temperature is best for washing hair while shampooing and conditioning. When rinsing, switch to a colder temperature to thoroughly wash out all of the product and close the hair cuticles, locking the moisture in.

What does double shampooing do?

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Double shampooing is the latest hair washing technique that everyone’s talking about. You may have noticed in the hair salon that the hairdresser will carry out three washes, the first two being shampoos and the third, a conditioner. This is because the first shampoo wash will remove the residue caught up in the hair, while the second will nourish it, allowing your strands and scalp to benefit from the wonderful ingredients within the shampoo. If you want to know how to wash your hair properly, always bear this stylist’s secret in mind.

The best hair washing technique

The best hair washing technique starts with choosing the right products to suit your hair type.

different shampoo ranges

For fine hair, look for a shampoo and conditioner with volumising benefits and thickening ingredients such as Rice Protein, to boost fullness and encourage plump strands.

The best hair washing technique for those with medium texture hair is using a lightweight, moisture-balancing shampoo and conditioner. A duo which gently cleanses strands while protecting the scalp from daily build-up is best.

Finally, to wash your coarse hair, especially if it is curly, look for a shampoo and conditioner packed with a powerhouse of moisturising ingredients such as Wheat Extract and Camellia Oil. These will work to tame frizz and add bounce.

Now that you know the best temperature to wash hair and the perfect products and routine for you, you know how to wash your hair properly. If you’re looking to change your technique up, take a look at our guide on Reverse Washing!

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