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Gorgeous and quick hairstyles for the gym

Gorgeous and quick hairstyles for the gym

Dragging yourself to the gym in the morning can be difficult enough, without the thought of the dreaded hair wash! Fear not! We have got you covered so you can go from gym to work with these quick hairstyles; without so much as a glance at any shampoo.

Dutch braids

Dutch braids are the in thing at the moment, which is great for our workout routine as they’ll still look perfect after a gruelling spin class.

Not only do they look super-pretty, but there are so many variations of the Dutch braid that you could wear a different style every day of the week (even if you don’t make it to the gym!). Apply some of the Grow Gorgeous Strengthening Oil before you start braiding to add extra shine and protection to your locks.

Space buns

This hairstyle will ensure you look out of this world, even when leaving your HIIT class! (pink glitter is optional)

These space buns are one of our favourite quick hairstyles post-gym as they’ll hide any sweat from your workout and give the illusion that you’ve spent ages on your hair when you arrive at work – despite the fact you’ve been pounding the treadmill for the past hour.

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High ponytail

The high ponytail makes it super-easy to hide that sweaty post-gym hair. Apply the Grow Gorgeous Back Into the Roots the night before to give your roots an extra boost. Before the gym, backcomb your roots to give a little extra boost and pull your hair up into a high ponytail, wrapping a strand of hair round the bobble and securing with a hair grip. One of our staple quick hairstyles here at GG HQ!


Last but certainly not least on our list of quick hairstyles is the Topknot. A topknot is the perfect hairstyle to take you from workout to work and will add an edgy touch to any office attire. Applying the Grow Gorgeous Back Into the Roots will give your roots the texture and lift that works well with the trusty topknot.




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