Top 90s trends we’ll see in 2016

Ahh the nineties! The era of chokers, dungarees, crop tops… wait, isn’t this all sounding a little familiar? It would seem that there is a major throwback going on as the 90s trend is enjoying its revival today. We’re taking inspiration from those iconic 90s looks and one style we didn’t anticipate cropping up on our radar is the iconic 90s hair trend, “The Rachel” – you know, of F.R.I.E.N.D.S fame.

When investing in trends that seem to follow a fast and fashionable formula it’s quite the commitment to take the plunge and cut your hair in ode of another decade, but if anyone can make us do it, it’s Jennifer Aniston. It would seem it isn’t just us girls at Grow Gorgeous who are loving this ‘90s hair revival as none other than Hailey Baldwin has seemingly taken the plunge in the hair salon and styled out her own version of “The Rachel” – and we love it! She’s recently been spotted sporting a choppy, layered do and it’s such a refreshing change from her go-to beach babe waves.

Seeing her pictures crop up on her Instagram brought on a serious bout of nostalgia and we are seriously tempted to jump on the ‘90s hair bandwagon as it seems to have well and truly made its comeback. To make the most of this big 90s hair trend we’d recommend pairing your new do with Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Shampoo Intense and Hyaluronic Density Conditioner for maximum density and hair that looks and feels fuller. The shampoo and conditioner put life back into hair and the ultra-concentrated formula infused with Amino Acids, Biotin and B-vitamins visibly increase hair density while each follicle is stimulated with the inclusion of caffeine to wake up the roots. Big and bouncy hair. Well, what’s not to love?



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