Introducing the Full Bodied Volumising Range

Introducing the Full Bodied Volumising Range

Your Full Bodied Volumising Routine

It’s time to plump up skinny strands with the new Full Bodied Volumising range from Grow Gorgeous. Get envy-inducing, gorgeously healthy, gravity defying hair! With a peptide-rich Shampoo and air-light Leave In Conditioner, plump skinny strands and build gorgeous volume and body without weighing hair down.

Here at Grow Gorgeous HQ we’re not about the superficial. We want hair that not only looks healthy, bouncy and voluminous, but feels fabulous from root to tip too. That’s why our new volumising range nourishes and repairs each and every strand whilst still giving fabulous air-light volume. Emulate Briggite Bardot without inflicting back-combing on your tresses with our touch-to-style technology that allows you to tease hair into shape with a simple rustle of your fingers.

Give your hair (and your ego!) a beauty-full boost with our new Full Bodied Volumising Shampoo and Leave-in Conditioner. A revolutionary way to build gorgeous body and volume.

Full Bodied Volumising Shampoo

Our new, revolutionary volumising formula nourishes and repairs hair, whilst providing a fat suit for your strands! Pea Peptides act as a film-former building up each strand leaving you with gorgeously full and healthy hair. These hard working proteins continue to work over time, so your hair never falls flat. This boosting formula also contains feather-light active micro-emulsion that helps to repair and protect hair strands without adding weight or sacrificing volume.

This shampoo is perfect for thin or tired looking hair that needs a little added ‘oomph.’

Full Bodied Volumising Leave In Conditioner

Experience the boosting abilities of our Full Bodied Leave-in Conditioner and forget about regular conditioner that can weigh hair down. This serum based formula gives hair a bouncy, soft texture and maximum volume. Formulated with a unique cocktail of Amino Acids which have been modelled on the same Amino Acids of the protein found in cell membranes they bind the hair cuticle and cortical cells together in hair fibres, conditioning hair and giving lustre. Low and Medium weight plant-derived proteins condition the hair fibre inside and give a boost in volume without weighing hair down.

For the best results use the Full Bodied range with our Scalp Detox, a scalp exfoliator that detoxifys and cleanses your scalp providing the best environment for our active hair care to work.

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