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Yes, you can use oils on fine hair

Yes, you can use oils on fine hair

For all the fine-haired ladies out there, we understand your hesitations when it comes hair oil. Naturally, you’ll feel cautious about slathering your baby fine hair in seemingly thick and heavy oil that can take freshly-washed locks from looking shiny and sleek to an oil-slick in just one application.
Hair oil seems like the enemy to those of us with super fine hair and we’re frightened we’ll be still be washing it out of hair for days afterwards. But we’re here to tell you that everybody can benefit from using hair oil, it’s just about the application.
The key to success for finding a hair oil that suits fine hair is to do with formula. You want to look for a lightweight oil that absorbs into hair instead of ‘sitting’ atop of each strand, making it look greasy and feel weighed down. Like any hair product, you want to benefit from its application but you don’t want to actually feel it in your hair, and oil is no different.

How to use hair oil

How you use hair oil can also affect how it works on your hair. Hair oils are so versatile and can be used in several different ways depending on what you’re trying to achieve. There are three main ways you can use hair oils to better the look and feel of your hair.

Hair prep

They make a great pre blow dry treatment and run through the ends of damp hair, oil nourishes the ends which tend to be dry and need extra hydration. Additionally you can concentrate your application of oil to the ends of the hair that frame your face as here is where hair is likely to be over processed as we pay most attention to styling the hair that frames our face.

Bring the shine

Once hair is dry and styled, a hair oil can also be used to seal in its style, defrizz, stop flyaway and add a brilliant shine to the hair. Simply rub a small amount in the palm of your hands and run over your hair lightly and brush your fingers through the ends for a glossy finish.

Deeply nourish

Many women with fine hair will agree that they feel they need to wash their hair more often so you might as well squeeze in a hair treatment before you jump into the shower. Hair oils are a great treatment, either overnight or for a quick injection of moisture before you wash your hair. Using just a small amount of oil and massaging between your palms, work the oil into the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair and twist hair up into a bun. If you plan on washing your hair straight away, let the steam from the shower get to work on your hair cuticles for about a half hour or so, allowing as much moisture to be absorbed into the hair before you wash the oil out with a thorough wash and rinse. If you plan to sleep in your hair oil treatment, remember to lay out a towel before you sleep and when you wake up, wash your hair with a deep cleanse and you’ll reveal smoother, softer hair.