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Ways to air dry your hair faster for gorgeous hair

Ways to air dry your hair faster for gorgeous hair

In the warm summer months letting your hair air dry is a breeze, literally. You just wash and go and your hair looks perfectly undone with a beachy wave to suit the season. Air drying your hair in the winter months? That’s a whole other story. It’s cold and miserable and just the thought of stepping foot outdoors with damp hair is enough to make us shiver.

The thing is, however, letting your hair air dry isn’t to do with laziness and hitting snooze a few too many times in a morning but limiting heat-styling can improve the health of your hair and those of us with curly hair wouldn’t dream of bringing a hairdryer in close proximity of our hair for fear of unleashing frizz. So how do we air dry our hair faster and still achieve gorgeous hair every day? We’ve a few tricks up our sleeve…

Do the Plop!

Curly haired girls should already know this little gem of a trick, so let us introduce you to the term ‘plopping’. It’s a technique to dry your curls faster and ensure they retain their shape without a single frizz appearing. Genius! You simply apply a leave-in conditioning treatment, we love End Split Ends Serum, and wrap your hair in a cotton t-shirt (best to grab your boyfriend’s for this so it’s bigger) and wrap it around your head. Cotton is far more absorbent than a regular bath towel so your hair should dry in half the time it usually would and given that your hair will be frizz-free, there’s little styling to be done afterwards so you’ll be out the door in no time.

Don’t skip on conditioner

Conditioning your hair is an all-important rule that shouldn’t be ignored. Not only does it nourish your hair, smooth strands and leave your hair knot-free for styling, it helps with air drying, too. Yes, that simple step in the shower can actually help with your efforts to adjust to air drying your hair. As the conditioner smooths down hair and the cuticle, it’s sealing each strand and this will repel water, making it slide off instead of being absorbed which in turn helps hair dry faster.

Double-up on conditioner

Now that you know just how clever your hair conditioner is for repelling water, maximise these effects with a leave-in treatment. Conditioning is a two-step process that can be tended to in and out of the shower. After washing, work a little End Split Ends Serum into damp hair which can speed up the air drying process and it fights frizz and smooths ends so you’re good to go on those wash-and-go days without compromising style.

Dry with TLC

When you’re up against the clock and trying to speed up the process of air drying your hair, don’t be tempted to take the harsh route of rubbing your hair back and forth for as much friction as possible. This doesn’t help dry your hair, at all. It only damages it. Excessively rubbing your hair with a towel in an effort to soak up any water is abrasive on your hair cuticle. Instead, try squeezing your hair as this won’t cause frizz and is a far more effective method.

Get some air around that hair

Imitate the action of a blow dry and get as much air as possible through and around your hair. Flipping your hair upside down every few minutes and shaking your hair out helps air get around it and there’s the added bonus that it’ll encourage volume at your roots so your air-dried hair becomes gorgeous hair. Running your fingers through your hair from the root to the ends gets air on your hair and also helps to break up clumps of hair that cling on to water to help it dry faster.



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