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How to dazzle in your online profile picture

They say that first impressions count but nowadays before you’ve even come face to face with somebody they may already have made their mind up about you. How? It’s all thanks to social media. With the plethora of sites we all use that require an online profile, you can bet your face is out there for everyone with internet access to see.

Now, we can’t lecture you about online safety but we can offer advice on how to make the best impression in your online profile picture. Whether it’s a dating profile, you’re scouting for a new job on LinkedIn or simply impressing your mates on Facebook – here’s how to put your best face forward.

Face first

For the perfect online profile picture you’ll want to position yourself so you’re framing your head and shoulders or head-to-waist. Obscure angles which don’t capture your whole face don’t always work on a profile picture where you’re given very little space to show yourself.

Express yourself

Whether you are going for your dream job, looking for the perfect match or it’s showing yourself off on Instagram, let your followers see what you’re about. Your profile picture is the first port of call for someone landing on your profile –so make sure it reflects YOU. If you enjoy wearing bright, expressive makeup, make sure you’re wearing it in your profile picture too – let your personality shine.

Don’t give too much away

To those who know you know that you wouldn’t be seen out and about with your favourite glass of Prosecco or going solo in a picture of when you’re having so much fun with friends and want to capture the moment. When it comes to your online profile picture, keep it fun but simple. You don’t want a snap with four of your friends (how will anyone looking at your picture know who you are?) and you don’t want to be clutching Champagne in your profile picture if you’re hoping to attract recruiters.

Smile for the camera

This isn’t a passport photo, don’t be afraid to smile! A smile oozes confidence, approachability and also portrays that you are happy in yourself and your life. And who wouldn’t want to work with/date/do business with a happy and confident young woman like yourself!

One size doesn’t fit all

The important thing to keep in mind is that these are simple guide lines, at the end of the day your profile picture should reflect you and be relevant to the situation too. You probably wouldn’t want to use the same online profile picture on a dating app as a recruitment website. Whatever the situation, make sure you are comfortable with the photograph and make sure it truly reflects you.



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