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Easy hairstyles for hard mornings

When hitting snooze on your alarm is all too easy, we need a quick fix for those times when a hair emergency arises. If sleeping in late has gone from being a rare accident to an everyday occurrence you need to know these quick tricks and easy hairstyles to make any hard morning as easy as possible when it comes to styling your hair.

Hair dilemma #1: Greasy roots

The slicked back look of the nineties with heavy layers of gel are long gone and we don’t wish to repeat them anytime soon but when your hair is super greasy and you’re short on time to wash your hair before you have to dash out of the door, there is something you can do to disguise those slick roots, and in fact even embrace the wet look. Going for a sleek top knot with a tight bun and pulling back any stray hairs with a pump of Grow Gorgeous Volume Bodifying Leave-In Serum will take your hair from greasy to glossy.

Hair dilemma #2: Frizzy ends

As we sleep we tend to toss and turn and even if we go to bed with perfectly smooth hair, it’s common to wake up with plenty of kinks and curls in our hair. The ends of our hair are naturally drier and prone to frizz than hair closer to the root, as this hair towards the end is older and has likely received a lot more heat damage of over-styling so is more likely to become frizzy when coming into contact with friction (i.e. our pillowcases). Using a lightweight serum on the mid lengths to ends will smooth the hair surface and add moisture to the ends without weighing it down.

Hair dilemma #3: Uncontrollable static

That friction we were talking about – it’s a common concern for those of us who swear by washing our hair in the evenings. Static hair can seem uncontrollable at times as it seems the more we try to do to tame it, the worse it gets. Before you get your hair in a mess, try this one simple trick. Get your hair dryer on the hottest setting and blast your hair in smaller sections than you would usually style your hair in. Concentrating the heat in small sections will ensure all the excess moisture (what gives hair a positive charge and makes it static in the first place) is being zapped out of the hair so the hair strands sit flat.

Hair dilemma #4: A dry, uncomfortable scalp

If your scalp feels tight and uncomfortable, it’s probably got something to do with product buildup. Product buildup can block the roots of the hair causing excess sebum to be produced making hair lank and difficult to manage. Here’s the one time we’d make the exception to make a last-minute dash for the shower and prioritise making time to wash your hair in a morning instead of trying to salvage it with an updo. If your scalp is dry and uncomfortable, adding unnecessary pressure to it by pulling your hair up into a tight ponytail in an effort to disguise your scalp will just make matters worse.

When you must wash your hair to relieve an uncomfortable scalp, our Defence Detoxifying Scalp Scrub is perfect to rebalance the sensitive skin on our scalp while removing product build-up and adding crucial moisture back into the skin. With natural castor oil beads and pomegranate enzymes to exfoliate the scalp, unblocking the roots and breaking down dead skin cells.

As this has a rich blend of minerals to hydrate hair and scalp, you should be able to get away with leaving the hair to air dry as hair will be soft and nourished so you can make back the time it took to wash your hair so you’re still on track with your morning routine.

Hair dilemma #5: Kinks in all the wrong places

If you’ve woken up with an unfortunate kink in your hair that is difficult to tame, all is not lost. You can disguise a kink in a number of ways and easy hairstyles; from adding a few waves in your hair with straighteners, to pulling your hair up in a messy fashion top knot or you can simply let it be with the expectation that it drops throughout the day. Whichever options suits you best, remember to use a hair oil to remedy this kink in a quick fashion. Adding a nourishing oil will not only immediately smooth out the kink as it’s temporarily weighed down by the oil as it’s absorbing it, but it will also diffuse through the hair strands, giving dry hair the necessary moisture to be able to lay flat once again.



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