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Blow dry tips for gorgeous hair

Achieving that salon-worthy swishy hair at home is easier than you think. It just takes a little practice and a lot of wrist action! Grow Gorgeous has compiled our top blow dry tips for gorgeous hair every day.

Let your hair air-dry first

A lot of women are put off washing their hair purely because of the subsequent drying that is needed but once you’ve got your technique down, styling your hair will be a dream. One of our top blow dry tips is to let your hair air dry first. Rather than blasting wet hair until it’s reasonably dry and simply hoping for the best (we’ve all been there) leave your hair to dry naturally until it’s about 70% dry and then move in with your tools. Blow drying sopping wet hair is waste of time (and arm muscle) not to mention it adds unnecessary heat damage. Damp hair can be manipulated far more easily so that your desired style can be achieved and ‘set’ far easier than starting with dripping wet hair.

Flip your head back!

Looking for blow dry tips for voluminous hair? For a volume boost at the roots, flip your head upside down and blast the roots to create a natural lift. Blow-drying hair downwards is good to smooth and seal hair cuticles but concentrating some heat at the roots momentarily will pack in the volume on top to stop hair falling flat.

Use your nozzle

The nozzle attachment that came with your hair dryer and you’ve left lying around somewhere? Yeah, find it and use it! A nozzle concentrates the air for more precise styling and directs the heat to a specific section of your hair to save blasting your whole head. This should help keep your hair smooth and make it easier to control the air flow if you concentrate on one section of your hair at a time.

Use the right tools

A paddle brush is your best friend for finishing off a smooth and glossy look while a round barrel brush will give incredible body and lift. Using the right brush for your desired effect can halve the time you spend styling your hair as most of the work is done when you’re blow-drying your hair if you do it properly.

Pick your products wisely

Conventional styling products like mousse can give body to the hair but can feel stiff when you’re trying to work a round brush in your hair whilst drying it. Using protective hair products such as Balance Fibre-Sealing Split Ends Treatment will help with the condition of your hair and can be applied while hair is damp for added protection while blow-drying hair.

Cool down

Our blow dry tips don’t stop just because your hair is dry! Once your hair is dry don’t rush onto the next step in your daily routine, give your hair a minute to cool down and relax a little. To speed up the setting process use a cool blast of air (most hairdryers have a cold setting) right at the end of styling when your hair brush is still in your hair to lock in the style.



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