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5 things all girls with thin hair should do

Although genetics might not have graced you with the thickest locks, fear not you don’t need to stress. For us girls with thin hair even the slightest bit of hair loss can show immediately and it can cause you to feel more than a little self conscious. That being said there are ways to combat it.

Stress, protein deficiency and a poor diet (as well as hormones and certain medical conditions) can contribute to lacklustre locks. Some of the above can’t be helped however we’ve combined our fave ways we can combat thin hair below.

Scalp Massage

The health of your hair also depends on having a healthy scalp. When dandruff isn’t properly controlled it can lead to hair loss. This holds true for all types of hair, however when you’re already worrying about thinning strands it’s always best to be extra vigilant. You can do it any time, it works on dry hair but our favourite technique is in the shower with an exfoliating pre-wash treatment.

Our Scalp Detox exfoliator is formulated with gentle natural exfoliants (pomegranate fruit extracts) Not only is it great for your scalp health but everyone loves a massage right?

Strategically colour your hair

Just because you have thin hair it doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy damaged or brittle. You may still have strong, healthy thin hair, and if you do colouring it can actually make tresses look thicker.

It’s time to hunt down a super talented colourist, and they will be able to strategically dye your hair to give the illusion of thicker strands through highlights and lowlights. It’s important however to make sure you colour your hair in moderation as not to cause long term damage to your precious strands.

Cool it and don’t overdo it

We don’t need to say it but heat= damage to your hair. But there’s also other benefits on not turning up the heat too much when blow drying your hair apart from reducing heat damage. Our top tip, don’t over-dry it. Instead blow-dry your hair (with your head upside down) then stop when it’s almost dry. If you dry your hair too much that’s when it tends to go flat, and all us thin hair girls know, flat hair is always a no-no.

Ditch Diet Drinks

‘Empty nutrients’ like sugar, white carbohydrates, and diet drinks contain aspartame and this is an ingredient that has been linked to hair loss. High levels of mercury have also been linked to hair loss, so although not definitely proven its worth trying to avoid high mercury fish such as swordfish too.

Get Food Smart

What if we told you that you could eat your way to better hair? Incorporate B vitamins, zinc and selenium-rich foods such as whole grains, spinach, Greek yogurt and pumpkin seeds and copper rich foods such as shellfish and beans to actively feed your hair and boost your strands.

We also recommend adding more cinnamon to your diet (either as a tea or sprinkled on your food), as it has been known to improve circulation, meaning it can help to bring oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles, giving them a boost.

See more ways to feed your hair here!

Rescue for Thin Hair

Want to give lacklustre tresses a powerful boost? We’ve created the Intense Thickening Hair and Scalp Mask to get you that glorious, thick hair you’ve been pining for! This moisturising hair mask nourishes your scalp and gives roots a boost through some of its key ingredients: hyaluronic acid and biotin. It also increases hair thickness and volume through the caffeine in the mask, waking up your hair for the day ahead!


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