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How to get gorgeous hair after pregnancy

How to get gorgeous hair after pregnancy

Many new mums are alarmed to find their hair falling out shortly after giving birth, but don’t panic if this is happening to you! Hair loss in women is common, especially after giving birth. Hormones are the root of this problem. During pregnancy, the increased levels of oestrogen actually reduce the amount of hairs you lose every day, increasing the amount of hair on your head at one time. However, once those hormones taper off, so does the extra hair on your head!

This hair loss in women is completely normal and will stop once your hormones level out. The stress and exhaustion that comes with a new baby can also take its toll on your body, primarily on your locks.

Whilst your body is getting back to normal, you can take some measures to keep your hair looking Gorgeous and strong.

Grow Gorgeous

Here at Grow Gorgeous, we’re dedicated to helping you get your best hair ever. All of the ingredients in our products are highly concentrated, meaning that they really work – fast. (Don’t believe us?! Read our reviews!)

Whilst we’d recommend all of our products to help combat hair loss in women and add some vitality back to your hair, some of them are absolute MUST haves for post-pregnancy hair loss.

Hair Growth Serum Intense

Our Hair Growth Serum Intense is like a grown up version of Hair Growth Serum, helping you to achieve visibly longer, thicker and stronger hair within just eight days. Just as in our Hair Growth Serum, the Soy Sprout, Wheat Sprout and Chinese Skullcap activate your hair follicles to increase the density of your hair. Our Intense serum contains an added 3% concentration of caffeine and glucose compound to really wake those follicles up from their slumber. If you’re concerned about hair loss after pregnancy – this is the product for you.

Back Into The Roots

Whilst your roots are looking a little thinner than you’d like, the Grow Gorgeous Back Into the Roots masque will give your roots an extra boost to give the illusion of thicker, stronger hair whilst cooling menthol stimulates the scalp to encourage hair growth.

 Strengthening Oil

Whilst your hair is feeling a little vulnerable, the Grow Gorgeous Strengthening Oil can protect your hair; add vitality back to weak and brittle hair so your locks will be back to normal in no time!


Adequate nutrition is essential for growing and maintaining strong, lustrous locks- but which nutrients will help your thinning hair?


Sufficient protein intake is vital for your hair’s health as your hair is actually made up of protein, therefore a diet lacking in protein will result in weak and brittle hair. Good sources of protein include chicken, fish, nuts, grains, beans & spinach.

GG tip: Spread a little nut butter on wholegrain bread for protein rich, hair-loving snack.


Iron is a super important nutrient for hair health as it is responsible for carrying hair-loving nutrients to the hair follicle, feeding the hair. Iron deficiency is a leading cause of hair loss in women and an inadequate Iron intake will result in weak, undernourished hair.

 GG tip: Add a handful of spinach and kale to a smoothie for a quick boost of Iron.

Vitamin C

You can eat all the iron-rich foods you like, but without Vitamin C, Iron wont be absorbed and utilised by the body. Vitamin C also aids the production of collagen in the body, which ensures your  hair stays super strong.

GG tip: Add a cup of Bbueberries to your spinach smoothie for your Vitamin C fix.


Don’t avoid it! Omega-3 is a good kind of fat, and essential for maintaining strong and healthy hair as it will supply your scalp with the essential oils it needs to keep your hair and scalp shiny and hydrated.

GG tip: Try making chia pudding with almond milk for a meal packed full of Omega-3, protein & Zinc (your hair will LOVE you!)


Biotin is not only vital during pregnancy to aid embryonic growth, but also post-pregnancy to ensure your hair is strong, thick and healthy.

 GG tip: Grab a banana for a quick, Biotin-rich snack!

Have some ‘Me’ time

The stress of having a new baby can really affect your hair, causing it to thin and break off.  Although it’s difficult with a new baby on the scene, but try and allocate a little ‘me time’ to yourself every day (maybe get your husband to change a few nappies!).

Yoga, Meditation or relaxing bath can reinvigorate your body and help you to de-stress.

GG tip: Can’t fit in all three? Try the Mio Liquid Yoga bath soak, so at least you can say you’ve had your daily yoga fix… even if you were just sat in the bath!

Following our GG tips should help to reinvigorate your hair in no time! And remember; Hair Loss in women is common and temporary- it will grow back, so don’t stress and enjoy motherhood!



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