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Managing your grown out fringe

It’s a situation we’ve all been in at least once before; you’re tired of your current hairstyle and feel the need to shake things up with your look. You’re not quite at the point of cutting off all your hair nor do you want to completely change the colour. So you strike a happy compromise; you test the waters with some subtle hair snips and get a fringe. Amazing! It’s a whole new you, and it only took a few inches and five minutes in the salon to complete this transformation. But then it happens; regret sets in and you’re now managing your grown out fringe.

Growing out a fringe takes time and effort. You need to be patient and resist the urge to cut them back in but you also want to have some style to your hair while you go through this awkward transition.

Pick a parting

If you love to wear your hair in a middle parting then you may want to switch things up as you’re growing out your fringe. A centre parting leaves little room to blend a grown-out fringe into the rest of your hair. Instead wear your hair in a side parting for a softer look.

Help your hair to grow

First up, let’s consider what we can do to actively get some growth going on to turn blend your ill-fated fringe back into your hair. Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum can drastically improve the situation as the concentrated serum aids in active hair growth and works within eight days to visibly improve hair length, whilst increasing hair density by 13% over the course of four months. Your fringe will grow out quicker if your hair is in its optimum condition to grow healthily.

Play with plaits

Keeping your grown out fringe off your face will make the transition from full fringe to soft sweeping sides much easier. Playing around with hairstyles such as plaits can incorporate even the shortest hair around your face and disguise a grown out fringe.



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