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Ingredient IQ: Caffeine

The Grow Gorgeous Hair Serum Intense, infused with coffee to help prevent hair loss

Isn’t it wonderful when you discover that your daily habits are actually good for you? Our case in point? Coffee! Well, caffeine to be precise. That morning cup of coffee is something many of us depend upon to function normally and some days definitely require a double-shot of espresso to get our juices flowing and to help us feel wide awake and alert, and caffeine can have the same effect on our hair.

Healthy hair relies on several factors, from limiting damage to the hair through exposure to external aggressors and supporting the hair with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins it needs to grow long and strong. Caffeine can help hair at the root where hair begins to grow.

The root of the cause

Concentrating caffeine on the roots and specifically targeting the hair follicle will help increase hair growth as it is dealing with the initial phases of hair growth, down in the follicle beneath the scalp. Caffeine can promote the speed in which your hair grows and improve hair’s structure as it grows.

How does caffeine help with hair growth?

Caffeine is known to help increase blood circulation to the scalp which promotes healthy hair follicles. When you’re applying hair products directly to the scalp you are in turn further aiding blood circulation to the scalp and stimulating the roots while you’re massaging a product on your head. Stimulated hair follicles will grow faster and the hair that is growing from the root will be healthier and stronger thanks to it getting all the right nutrients and minerals from the body from an adequate blood supply to the scalp.

How to incorporate caffeine into your hair care routine

Within the Grow Gorgeous line, there are four products which contain caffeine, covering all bases in your hair care routine from a daily serum, to a nourishing thickening hair and scalp mask. You can rest assured you’re incorporating caffeine into your hair care routine at every step of the way bringing your locks back to life!

Hair Growth Serum Intense is the daily treatment you apply directly to the scalp that contains a 6% concentration of solubilized caffeine to wake up the scalp and stimulate hair roots for active hair growth.

Back into the Roots is an intense treatment that, unlike many nourishing hair masques, is designed to be used exclusively on the scalp instead of the lengths of the hair. The 10 minute miracle-worker puts life back into your roots by stimulating the scalp and lifts the roots, so your hair looks full of life and volume.

Hair Density Shampoo Intense works to cleanse the hair while feeding it with a healthy dose of caffeine for gloriously thick and full strands from root to tip. The hair follicles are stimulated with caffeine as well as a blend of Amino Acids and Biotin to visibly increase hair density and promote hair growth with continued use.

Thickening Hair and Scalp Mask Intense is a deeply nourishing treatment that hydrates the scalp and hair through a combination of various nutrients, including caffeine and amino acids. This unique multi-mask not only revives locks but promotes hair thickness and volume giving hair the GG bounce.

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