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How to get rid of dandruff fast | Hair confidence

Get rid of dandruff fast and say hello to scalp tranquillity

Nothing kills a good hair day like a flaky, irritated scalp. Here at GG, we believe everyone deserves to be free from the discomfort and embarrassment often associated with dandruff and scalp sensitivity. That’s why we’re committed to empowering your confidence and making you feel unstoppable. Hair taboo? There’s no such thing!

Just as flawless make-up starts with hydrated skin, a calm, balanced scalp lays the foundation for gorgeous growth and allows hair to flourish. Get rid of dandruff fast with our top tips and product recommendations – including the best scalp treatment for dandruff.

Grow Gorgeous Sensitive Shampoo, Conditioner and Overnight Mask with text overlay tips for how to get rid of dandruff fast

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is a common skin condition that causes white or grey flakes of skin to appear on the scalp and in the hair, which can occasionally fall onto the shoulders. The resulting symptoms include a red, cracked or scaly scalp that feels dry, uncomfortable and itchy.

Dandruff isn’t harmful and you can’t catch it, but it can cause discomfort and affect confidence. Dandruff and scalp irritation can be caused or worsened by the conditions listed below. Stress and cold weather may also make dandruff worse.

  • Eczema 
  • Contact Dermatitis 
  • Psoriasis 
  • Cradle Cap 
  • Seborrheic Dermatitis  
  • Tinea Capitis, known as ringworm 

A woman smiling with dandruff free hair, holding up the Grow Gorgeous sensitive micellar shampoo.

Are sulfates bad for dandruff?

Certain chemicals can stress out sensitive scalpsexacerbating flakes rather than eliminating themSulfates, parabens and silicones are just some of the common culprits that can worsen symptoms of dandruff: 

  • Sulfates can strip hair of necessary natural oils, making your scalp susceptible to bacterial buildup and dryness  
  • Parabens are synthetic chemicals often used as preservatives that can irritate the scalp and worsen chronic dandruff  
  • Silicones can clog your pores, causing product build-up that leads to increased scalp irritation and flakes 

Thanks to our Purely Positive Promise, all Grow Gorgeous products are proudly vegan, cruelty-free and expertly formulated without parabens, sulphates, silicones, phthalates or mineral oil.  

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How many times a week should I wash my hair if I have dandruff?

Dandruff is not caused by poor hygiene, but it may be more obvious if you do not wash your hair regularly. Provided you’re choosing products that respect your scalp’s natural oils, how often you lather up is really down to your personal preference. Regular cleansing helps to get rid of sweat and sebum that builds up throughout the day and overnight 

Choose haircare with scalp-kind natural ingredients, proven to shield against sensitivity: 


Delivers vital moisture to promote smoother, shinier hair 


Improves resilience and calms the appearance of redness 


Rebalances the scalp and improves feelings of dryness 


Hydrates with an abundance of minerals and nutrients


Improve skin’s barrier function and condition hair 


A vital component of keratin that help to promote healthy-looking hair 


Nourishes the scalp and enhances shine 


Maintains scalp barrier function and leaves hair feeling smooth 


Softens and leaves hair feeling nourished

What is the best product to get rid of dandruff… and is it possible to get rid of dandruff permanently?

The sulfate-free Grow Gorgeous sensitive range, containing three blue bottles for treating a sensitive scalp placed on top of feathers.

While there’s no miracle-working magic wand to banish dandruff, scalp serenity can be achieved by establishing a regular haircare routine that treats sensitivity with a gentle touch. Our fragrance free and dermatologically tested NEW Sensitive range has been expertly formulated to delicately restore scalp harmony and get the best out of your strands. That means no compromise on fulfilling your desire for gorgeous hair! 

Discover three soothing, scalp-kind essentials that bring a feeling of lasting relief to sensitive skin and empower hair to reach its full potential, every day. Delicate yet indulgent, the feather-light range relieves feelings of dryness and discomfort while adding glossy shine to hair.  

  • 94% claim that the Sensitive regime helped to reduce the appearance of flakes on the scalp 
  • 92% agree the appearance of scalp redness was reduced 
  • 91% agree the scalp was left feeling relieved and less sensitive 
  • 90% claim their scalp felt instantly comforted and less itchy 

Independently tested on a combined panel of 150 women with self-assessed sensitive scalp for 2 weeks, shampoo & conditioner used as a haircare regime. 

Step 1: Overnight Remedy


A hand holding up the best scalp treatment for dandruff the Grow Gorgeous sensitive ceramide rich hair and scalp mask.

Sensitive Ceramide Rich Hair and Scalp Mask is a conditioning treatment that targets flakes, soothes feelings of itchiness, reduces the appearance of redness and revitalises roots as you sleep. Use once or twice a week and rise and shine to healthier-looking hair accompanied by an instant sensation of comfort.

 Step 2: Delicate Cleanser


A hand holding up in the clouds the Grow Gorgeous dandruff fragrance-free and dermatologically tested sensitive replenishing conditioner.

Sensitive Micellar Shampoo harnesses the gentle power of micellar to soothe sensitivity and add glossy shine to strands as you lather up. The refreshing, non-stripping cleanser safeguards natural oils and reduces uncomfortable feelings of itching and dryness. Rediscover hair confidence with each and every wash.

 Step 3: Hydration Hero 


A hand holding up in the clouds the Grow Gorgeous dandruff fragrance-free and dermatologically tested sensitive micellar shampoo.

Sensitive Replenishing Conditioner is a moisturising must-have that nourishes hair from root to tip while respecting your delicate scalp. The gentle yet indulgent conditioner combats dryness, boosts shine and infuses strands with vital moisture to leave hair soft, supple and resilient.

Zero Fragrance, Maximum Indulgence

When it comes to caring for your hair, you shouldn’t be limited by scalp sensitivity. Choosing non-irritating formulas shouldn’t mean having to compromise on a feeling of decadence. Our simple yet luxurious Sensitive trio delivers the signature sensorial experience you’ve come to expect from Grow Gorgeous with added soothing benefits. While all three products are free from fragrance, they each benefit from appealing textures and feel like a treat to use.

The Grow Gorgeous sensitive product swatches showing the three different products for treating dandruff.

Hollie Minshull

Hollie Minshull

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