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January is here, meaning so is detox season… Gyms are full and everyone is making smoothies, salads and homemade soup. We give our body a detox from the Christmas season, but why stop there? Our hair also needs a detox and luckily for you here at Grow Gorgeous HQ we have a whole range of hair and scalp treatments to refresh your locks. With scalp treatments from a scalp detox to a volumising hair masque and hair treatments from thickening strands to mending split ends – we’ve got your haircare needs covered!

Read on to find out which scalp and hair treatments is for you…

Scalp Treatments

Which scalp treatment is best for a dry scalp or product/dirt build-up? 

Defence Detoxifying Scalp Scrub

Your hair saviour! This refreshing treatment will exfoliate dry skin and remove any impurities and product build-up from the scalp with Natural Castor Oil Beads and Pomegranate Fruit Enzymes. This unique treatment combines a blend of minerals to cleanse and moisturise the scalp, absorbing any excess sebum helping to extend the time in between washes. Menthol leaves a tingling, cooling sensation as it cleanses and purifies your scalp creating the perfect environment for healthy hair!

Which scalp treatment is best for volumising roots?

Volume Root Stimulating Primer

Hair in need of a volume boost? This 10-minute stimulating masque works in as little as 10 minutes to awaken and refresh your scalp. With cooling Menthol and powerful Biotin, your roots are uplifted, leaving hair looking voluminous and full. This vitamin-enriched formula encourages blood flow to the scalp for gorgeous, healthy hair.

Hair Treatments and Masks


Which hair treatment is best for thin hair?

Thickening Hair & Scalp Mask Intense

Looking for visible results in as little as 4 WEEKS*? You came to the right place… Our nourishing multi-mask is enriched with powerful active ingredients to help you achieve fuller, thicker, healthier hair! Designed to condition without weighing hair down with Hyaluronic Acid and Coconut Oil, this hair treatment will wake hair up at the roots with Caffeine leaving each and every strand looking thicker and denser.

*Based on an independent user trial of 100 people over a 4-week period.

Which hair treatment is best for mending split ends?

Fibre-Sealing Split Ends Treatment

How do you get rid of split ends? It’s a question we all ask ourselves with many of us experiencing heat and chemical damaged hair – our hair really does deserve some TLC! And that’s where the Fibre-Sealing Split Ends Treatment comes in… This unique serum seals broken fibres, nourishing and locking in moisture with Acai Oil and Omega oils, whilst protecting the lengths of your hair without weighing it down. Say goodbye to split ends and hello to healthier hair!

Which hair treatment is best for improving shine?

Curl Defining Cleansing Conditioner

The environment, constant washing and heat treatments can take their toll on your locks and sometimes hair needs a nourishing cleanse to restore and leave strands looking and feeling glossy. With 11 different benefits, including reducing frizz and improving shine, this cleansing conditioner leaves strands feeling refreshed, soft and silky.

Which hair treatment is best for hair growth and density?

Read our blog on which hair growth serum is for you! And luckily for you – we just launched a SUPERSIZE version so you can get even more product for only £10 more – what are you waiting for?!

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