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Biotin: The new Queen B for gorgeous hair

Be it in skincare, hair care or even the food we eat, there are always a few key ingredients that crop up time and time again that are known for working wonders. In the hair care world that magic ingredient is Biotin. What is it? It is vitamin B7 and it is thought to have a range of health benefits and can improve many parts of the body and your general health from boosting your metabolism to enhancing the hair and skin.

A deficiency in Vitamin B7 can result in symptoms such as fatigue, hair loss, scalp issues and Anaemia. Naturally, you don’t want to be deficient of any mineral or vitamin in your body which can affect overall health and wellbeing but seeing as Biotin has so many great effects that we see in our own appearance, notably our hair, here at Grow Gorgeous we are advocates of this brilliant B Vitamin.

Why Biotin is brilliant

Biotin is essential for healthy hair growth and supports hair through the hair growth cycle. As hair is made of a type of protein called Keratin, the protein is supported by a healthy blend of Vitamin B7 that reacts with cell enzymes and forms amino acids which take the form of protein to naturally support hair and its potential for growth.

You’re effectively feeding the hair with more of what it needs to grow long, healthy and strong – so why wouldn’t you want to have the optimum amount of Biotin in your diet and hair care routine?

We’re huge advocates for the power behind Biotin; so much so, we’ve included it in our ultra-concentrated Hair Growth Serum. As a part of a blend of 7 technologies, it contributes to improving the appearance of your hair, to look thicker and feel fuller and these results are visible in as little as eight days after use. Along with Biotin

Within the formula, Biotin works with Clover Flower Extract Active Complex, Bio-Active Complexes of Pea Shoot, Chinese Skullcap, Soy and Wheat Sprout to visibly increase hair’s thickness, density and overall health of the hair.

As well as the conventional nutrients you can ingest, Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum contains Biotin to topically apply the serum to your scalp which will penetrate and stimulate the hair roots for improved hair health and subsequent hair growth. The serum is lightweight and non-greasy so is easily absorbed into the hair. Simply section your hair into four parts and apply 5 droplets from the pipette to each section and massage well into the hair. The innovative, proactive formulation combined with daily scalp massage will stimulate your scalp and awaken your cells.