Your perfect packing checklist

Your perfect packing checklist

The fun and anticipation of an upcoming trip can often be overshadowed by the chore of packing that lies ahead. The stress of risking packing too much or too little can all become too much and we end up throwing in everything we can grab in the hope that we’ve covered all means. Yes, we’re talking about all areas of packing but in particular our hair. You don’t want to risk a bad hair while you’re on holiday after all. Grow Gorgeous has compiled your perfect packing checklist and rounded up our top tips for stress-free packing wherever your trip takes you.

A salon in the skies

When you’re flying long-haul then take the opportunity to schedule in some pamper time while you’re up in the sky. Air cabins are notoriously dry because of the lack of moisture in the air and can leave hair feeling static and straw-like. Using your carry-on allowance pack Grow Gorgeous End Split Ends and Strengthening Oil to apply to hair during the flight to eliminate frizz and leave hair feeling soft and nourished upon landing. So make sure you add the Grow Gorgeous End Split Ends to your hand luggage packing checklist to keep your hair moisturised and soft!


Go miniature

Miniatures are a no-brainer when you’re packing. They save waste, free up weight and space and are all-around more convenient for on-the-go. The miniature Grow Gorgeous Cleansing Conditioner is perfect for travel as it ticks two major boxes for its handy size and multi-tasking ability to cleanse, condition and add shine and volume to hair so it’s all you need to have gorgeous hair wherever you go- a must have for your packing checklist!

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Lighten up 

It might sound obvious to pack light when travelling but so often we overstuff our bags with the things we think we’ll need when in reality we won’t even touch once we’ve arrived at our destination. The worst offender for this is our hairdryer. Most hotel rooms come with a complimentary hairdryer and today they’ve upgraded from those dinky wall attachments so you’ll be able to achieve gorgeous hair with the help of your favourite Grow Gorgeous products- so that’s one thing we can remove from our packing checklist!




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