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How to Detox Your Hair & Scalp | New Year Detox

January may be dawning, but that doesn’t mean you have to reinvent yourself. Here at GG, we’re encouraging you to forgo drastic measures, leave the scissors with your stationery, and the box dye far, far away from your troubled tresses. Discover how to ace your New Year detox and become a hair hero with our sure-fire methods for root resurrection!

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How to Detox Hair

Your New Year detox shouldn’t feel like a hassle, it’s the time to take a step away from the stress of everyday life and focus on a little bit of hair self-care! We’ve laid out our ideal routine below, plus some helpful hints and tips for how to give yourself, and your hair, a break.

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Here at GG, we believe you should never skip the scalp! By using a high-quality scalp purifying treatment regularly you won’t need to worry about an excess of product or sebum build-up blocking your natural radiance. If exfoliation isn’t already a step in your routine it’s never too late to start. Use our Defence Detoxifying Scalp Scrub to clear away any product build-up and leave your scalp prepped for washing. This detoxifying primer will refresh and exfoliate the scalp from city pollution, ensuring fresher hair between washes. If you find your scalp is particularly dry, or you’re suffering from prolonged flakiness or dandruff, then our Purifying AHA 5% Booster + Prebiotic is a targeted treatment designed for daily use. Utilise both our booster and scrub for a flake-free, hydrated scalp.


Now your scalp is freshly scrubbed it’s time to cleanse, cleanse, cleanse. No matter what your year has held we have a routine tailored to you, which is why we have trouble recommending just one as our best shampoo for scalp cleansing! Instead, we recommend choosing the duo that suits you best or even mix match a shampoo and conditioner from two different ranges. Wash with the shampoo and follow up with conditioner to leave hair feeling soft, silky, and fresh.

  • Grow Gorgeous Balance Duo: To give strands an everyday refresh with pH-balanced formulas that leave hair glossy, manageable, and healthy-looking.
  • Grow Gorgeous Defence Duo: Formulated to protect strands from urban pollution and product build-up for protected and radiant hair.
  • Grow Gorgeous Repair Duo: Expertly curated to nourish and strengthen damaged hair leaving it supple, revitalised, and feeling stronger.
  • Grow Gorgeous Intense Duo:  Thicken thin strands with caffeine-enriched formulas that leave hair fuller and thicker.
  • Grow Gorgeous Sensitive Duo: Beautiful hair starts with a calm scalp. Give yours the TLC it needs to thrive with this fragrance-free and dermatologically tested duo.
  • Grow Gorgeous Volume Duo: Formulated to boost flat strands leaving hair bouncy, full-bodied, and healthy-looking.
  • Grow Gorgeous Curl Duo: formulated to enhance and define natural curls leaving them frizz-free and bouncy.

A Little Extra Luxury

With your new year detox well underway, we’re hoping you’re starting to feel refreshed and relaxed! If you’re still feeling worse for wear after all that hair self-care then the next best thing is to revive your troubled tresses with something from our range of indulgent hair masks and treatments. From our iconic Hair Growth Serum Intense to nourishing hair masks are designed to give your hair the very best treatment.

  • For hair loss or thinning: Try our Hair Growth Serum Intense. Powered by a unique complex of active ingredients, this ultra-concentrated serum works to increase the thickness of each strand by up to 13%*. We also recommend our Intense Thickening Hair & Scalp Mask to enhance your routine even further – the perfect companion to help nourish your roots and enhance your hair.
  • For damaged hair: Our Repair Strengthening Hair & Scalp Mask will strengthen and reinforce brittle strands from within with this deeply hydrating mask, leaving hair and scalp healthier, softer, and stronger.
  • For extra protection: We often forget that the pollution from our daily lives can cause damage to our hair if we don’t combat it. Introducing our Defence Anti-Pollution Leave-In Spray Protect shields strands from atmospheric pollution, heat damage, and colour fading aggressors with this lightweight mist.
  • For a wake-up call: Worried about your scalp health? Then our NEW Scalp Tonic is perfect for reinvigorating your hair in one simple step, scientifically proven to refresh, give a thicker feel and appearance and hydrate all hair types.

An early night or a long bath are the perfect excuses to use some of our bestselling Masks & Treatments. Not only that, but they’re also an amazing excuse to take some well-deserved YOU time!

Fallen in love with our January detox routine? If you’re ready to make the change, take our Hair Quiz today and discover the perfect range for you.

*Based on an independent user trial and instrumental testing.



Lydia Grant

Lydia Grant

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