#HairGameStrong Intagrammers

#HairGameStrong Intagrammers

Instagram has quickly become the go-to platform for hair inspiration, with millions of gorgeous hair pictures being uploaded daily- it’s easy to get a touch of jealousy whilst trawling through endless images of gorgeous hair.

We’ve compiled a list of our go-to Instagrammers for hair inspiration- despite the fact they give us major hair envy!


Top of our list is fashion and travel blogger, Caitlin (@cmcoving). Her hair is UNBELIEVEABLE and she’s got the cutest dog, Winnie, we’ve ever seen. With a hair game that strong, she’s definitely worthy of a follow.


Second on our list is the gorgeous model, Maria (@maria_zhgenti). If this gorgeous girl doesn’t give you hair inspiration, nobody will. Not only does she give us severe hair envy, but her photos are all so unique and absolutely gorgeous.

Good night? Great thanks for my lovely @tarasovm и @santa_luchia

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If you can deal with daily pictures of the most flawless, long blonde hair we’ve ever seen then you need to go and check out @hildeee on Instagram. She’s got one of the strongest hair games going and you’re sure to find some hair inspiration on her Instagram. You’ll have some serious hair envy though, so don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Freddy feels @freddyausnz ?

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Fashion and beauty, fitness and travel blogger, Caroline (@caro_e_) is a definite go-to for some ombre hair inspiration. This gorgeous girl appears to lead the perfect life and have the perfect hair- some people just have it all, don’t they?! All of her pictures are so different, you’ll never get bored of her daily snaps.

Hello from where I stand ❤️

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Want a strong hair game like these gorgeous Instagrammers? Make sure you’ve got your hands on the Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum, which promotes longer, stronger hair in as little as eight days! Who knows- maybe you’ll be our next go-to Instagrammer for hair inspiration after using it!