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How to get gorgeous winter hair

How to get gorgeous winter hair

We all have our seasonal grooming routines, right? In summer we’re all about broad-spectrum SPF and buffing away for silky smooth skin while come winter we’re lathering on thick creams to create a barrier between our delicate skin and the harsh elements outside and caring for winter hair with products that pack that extra ‘oomph’ in terms of nourishment and hydration. Winter hair can be a real dilemma that can cause lasting damage to our hair beyond the winter months.

Be savvy about central heating

The all-so-necessary central heating is a godsend at winter to warm cold limbs but it wreaks havoc on our hair and causes static which is never a good look. Parched hair is made drier further with the constant change of temperature from the blistery outdoors, heated homes and further hair tugging from unwrapping scarves all add to hair’s fragility in winter. Grow Gorgeous Strengthening Oil seals hair strands to eliminate frizz and flyaways while providing much needed moisture to keep hair soft, giving you gorgeous, healthy winter hair.

Put your mask on

Make use of these darker nights and stay indoors for a pamper session. A hair mask is an incredibly easy yet effective way to treat tired winter hair and replenish any moisture and strength lost from as your fine hair strands battle harsh winter weather. A deep conditioning treatment such as Overnight to Gorgeous hair masque is the lazy girl’s dream to healthy, gorgeous hair. The rich masque does all the work to inject moisture back into your hair while you sleep and can be washed out in the morning for hair that feels stronger and softer.

Keep your head clear

You come to accept that winter hair = windswept and the temptation to live in a woolly hat is all too much, but this needn’t be the case if you employ the right products to care for your hair over winter. We’re not saying to ditch your favourite bobble hat but simply let your head breathe now and then. Not only do hats hide your gorgeous head of hair, they can add to static and cause knotting which in turns leads us to washing our hair more often and risking stripping the scalp of the natural oils it needs. Using 11-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner gently cleanses and conditions the hair in one simple and keeps hair soft and smooth.

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